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  • Kavos Luxury holidays

    Kavos has found favour in recent years as a party destination for young revellers from a variety of different locations around the world, including the UK and several parts of Northern Europe. The village is located on the coast of the Greek island of Corfu, and has embraced tourism to cater for international visitors in every way, making it a fantastic place for a fast-paced island getaway.

    Kavos - a lively coastline

    The main strip of Kavos runs along the coastline, with bars and restaurants serving the holidaymakers, interspersed with hotels and apartments. Many of those who head to the resort are quite young, and make the journey to Kavos to experience its energetic culture and nightlife - which lasts throughout the night and into the early hours of the morning too. As the clubs eventually start to close their doors, you can expect a large majority of those staying in the resort to be seen making their way down to the beach in order to enjoy the sunrise.

    The history and heritage of Kavos

    Like many coastal resorts, Kavos was once a quiet fishing village, until it was discovered by the international tourist trade and transformed to embrace visitors from other countries as it does today. Despite the party resort personality, there are still aspects of its origins to be seen too, and many visitors find the time to explore the older parts of the resort during their stay.

    When should I visit Kavos?

    Easter is traditionally a hugely important time across the island of Corfu, with buildings decorated brightly with red fabrics, and a tradition of throwing clay pots filled with water to smash in the streets below. Marching orchestras add to the celebrations, and the island's religious buildings have one of their busiest weekends of the year. While these traditions may not be observed to such a great extent in the tourist-focused resort of Kavos, it is still a good time to visit, and to make the journey to one of the neighbouring towns which has more of a classic Greek identity.In terms of climate, the summer months see average temperatures over 25°C, while in spring and autumn you can expect closer to the high teens. Winter daytime temperatures average around 10°C, which still makes Corfu in general a good winter warmer for a luxury break when temperatures back home are below freezing.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    With a luxury holiday, you can experience a popular destination in a whole new light. If you want to stay in a prime location on the beach, you can. If you want to enjoy cocktails with a view, from your very own private balcony, your luxury hotel will make it happen. When it comes to luxury holidays, the design of each day is completely up to you – and that’s why paying a little extra is always worth it. With that little extra refinement, a luxury holiday in Kavos will be something quite special. Shop ‘til you drop in Corfu Town, enjoy some peace and tranquillity on the pretty island of Paxos, and join the night-time party on the island; it will be one to remember.

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