What to do in Belfast

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Belfast Attractions

Northern Ireland's capital, Belfast, is rich in culture and steeped in history. It is also very much a hotwire that will appeal to party and music lovers. It marries its status as an international hub of creativity and the arts with its glorious Celtic past and, thanks to its vibrancy, it entertains and thrills over 7.5 million tourists every year.

Areas & Neighborhoods in Belfast

The Cathedral Quarter - This historic quarter is the centre of Belfast’s cultural activity, and there is quite a lot of it! The area around the sumptuous Saint Anne's Cathedral plays host to numerous festivals and its winding streets are always enlivened by performers and provide a hotbed environment for local artists.

Queen’s Quarter - Don’t let the broad leafy streets and elegant Georgian houses fool you. This is no sleepy suburb - home to the historic Queen's University there are some lively bars and cool cafes serving the student population here. You will also find the expansive Botanic Gardens nearby which are perfect to relax in after a lively night out.

The Golden Mile - Stretching from the University to the beautifully Baroque Belfast City Hall are nightclubs, restaurants and pubs that line up as a testament to the famous Irish party spirit.

Gaeltacht District - This iconic area is where the Gaelic roots of Belfast can be most strongly felt. Wander down Falls Road to hear the Irish language widely used and to embrace the Irish history of Belfast at its strongest.

The Titanic Quarter - The rejuvenated docks are a symbol of Belfast’s own and it’s fitting that the fantastic Titanic Museum should be located here. Its interactive exhibits bring the doomed ship to life in the place that it was created.

Things to See in Belfast

The history of the Titanic springs to life in a beautifully rejuvenated dock area whilst elsewhere history lives in the gracious buildings of Queen’s University, the Baroque civic structures and the Victorian and Georgian houses.

Things to Do in Belfast

There are new bands springing up all over Belfast and its nightclubs are renowned for their good times. Arts can be best seen in the Cathedral Quarter and keep one eye open for forthcoming festivals and events that are held here. Restaurants cluster on the Golden Mile whilst relaxation and picnics can be had in the Botanic Gardens. Book yourself a trip out to the Giant’s Causeway or get on a Game of Thrones tour in the countryside outside the city to see where the action was mainly filmed.

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