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Known for Skyscrapers, Horseback Riding and Small Town

Visit this English town to discover beautiful landscapes and a vibrant arts and entertainment scene and to explore the history of the railways. 

How do you get to Swindon?

Nestled in southwest England is the large town of Swindon, a hub of manufacturing, culture and history. Come here to wander acres of manicured parklands and natural woodlands, visit one of the many fascinating museums, or splurge on great bargains in the shopping center.

Swindon was originally an Anglo-Saxon settlement on top of a limestone hill. It was just a small market town until the middle of the 19th century, but expanded greatly after the Town Development Act of 1952. Today it is home to almost 200,000 people. Meet the long-time residents, known as Swindonians, to get the best advice on the most popular local spots.

Start your visit to Swindon by visiting the educational museums and galleries that bring culture and information to the area. For instance, at the Museum of the Great Western Railway, you can enjoy interactive exhibits that mimic what it would have been like to work in the railroad industry building steam locomotives. Head to the Museum of Computing to see technological artifacts and machines. Finish by appreciating some creativity at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery.

If you’ve come for some shopping, you’re in the right place. Visit the Swindon Designer Outlet to find dozens of stores featuring brand-name items, including clothing, accessories and home furnishings. Stop for a meal at one of the restaurants when you’re done.

To appreciate the outdoors, go birdwatching at Cotswold Water Park or spend some time wandering through the Walled Garden at Lydiard Park. Bring a picnic in the summer months and sit out and relax under the shade of the trees.

Get to Swindon from London by train, or take a National Express bus from many surrounding international airports. Those looking for the greatest flexibility in their travels will want to rent a car and drive into town.

Spend time in this lovely town in Wiltshire to gain an understanding of English life, both past and present. Swindon also hosts art festivals and family events throughout the year.

Things to do in Swindon

Whether you prefer to simply browse or to take advantage of all the deals, this covered shopping center is a great place to spend the day. 

Wander the expanses of this green space in Wiltshire and uncover the history of its stunning manor house and beautiful church.

Get tickets for a show at Wyvern Theatre, a popular theatre in Swindon. Attend a sporting event while in this quaint area or simply enjoy the top-notch restaurants.

Tour this museum dedicated to the history of locomotion and the local communities who once made a living from the railway. 

Enjoy an outing to Heelis during your stay in Swindon. Stroll along the lakeside or attend a sporting event in this quaint area.

Commune with nature and explore the great outdoors at Wilts & Berks Canal during your travels in Swindon. Visit the spas and top-notch restaurants in this quaint area.

Enjoy an outing to Laserquest Swindon during your stay in Swindon. Visit the spas and top-notch restaurants in this quaint area.

Enjoy an outing to ATBShop Skate Warehouse during your stay in Swindon. Stroll along the lakeside in this quaint area or visit its lively bars.