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Flights to the Dead Sea Region

Most flights to the Dead Sea take you to Amman’s main international hub, the Queen Alia International Airport, which operates routes from London’s Heathrow and a number of other European cities, including Paris, Rome, Vienna and Frankfurt. The Queen Alia is an important connecting hub in the Middle East, and operates services from most of the region’s major cities, including Cairo, Istanbul, Dubai, Jeddah and Bahrain. Queen Alia is home to the national carrier, Royal Jordanian Airlines, but also welcomes flights by major airlines British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Egyptair and Air Arabia.

Jordan’s capital also operates Amman Civil Airport, and the Red Sea resort of Aqaba in the south is home to King Hussein International Airport – these too are within easy reach of the Dead Sea. And Bar Yehuda Airfield is a small airstrip on the Dead Sea’s southwestern shore, generally used for charter and sightseeing flights.

Welcome to the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is truly one of the most remarkable places in the world, a salt lake at the lowest point of elevation on Earth’s surface, whose super-saline waters give you a uniquely buoyant bathing experience. Wellness seekers come from far and wide to experience the therapeutic waters, and to cover themselves with a soothing pack of Dead Sea mud.

Hotels around the Dead Sea

From Amman’s Queen Alia International Airport, it is quite a short drive to the Dead Sea’s northern shore and its a range of hotel resorts. The nearest is the Sweimeh resort region to the north east, within easy reach of Jordan’s capital Amman – Sweimeh boasts the very best in luxury hotels and spa facilities, and even has a state of the art events venue, the King Hussein bin Talal Conference Centre. Stay in any Dead Sea hotel and you will be blessed with extraordinary views from your room, balcony or terrace of the Dead Sea itself, ringed with starkly dramatic hills, a scene viewed at its very best in the fiery colours of sunset.

The Qumran Caves and Masada

Venture to the Palestinian West Bank to explore some of the finest historical attractions of the region. The Caves of Qumran is the site where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, quite by chance, in the mid-20th century, and today you can explore the substantial ruins and museum, and take a guided hike up to the cliffs and caves themselves.

To the south, on the edge of the Negev Desert, stands Masada, one of the most dramatic of ancient strongholds and the place where Jewish Sicarii rebels held out against their Roman besiegers during the First Jewish-Roman War. If you’re feeling intrepid, you could climb one of two walking routes to the plateau, but there’s also a cable car for a more sedate visit. The combination of the ruined fortifications and dwellings, the extraordinary human story that they tell, and the breath-taking views, make for an unforgettable visit.

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