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Best Places to Visit

Introduction to USA

The United States certainly lives up to its name. With 50 distinctly different states to get to grips with, your USA holidays need never be the same; no matter how many times you visit. Whether you love the open road or want to visit filming locations from the movies, holidays in USA cater for every taste.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, you will find outstanding food, friendly people, glorious scenery and stunning beaches. Whichever aspect of the USA you find most attractive - whether that is the magic of Disneyland, the surf at Malibu, or the hustle and bustle of a Manhattan market - you can make your holidays to the USA whatever you want them to be.

Best Places to Visit

USA packages to New York show the best of cosmopolitan life in America: a bustling city brimming with top-end restaurants, world-famous attractions and culture by the bucket load. Each neighbourhood has its own idiosyncrasies: from Brooklyn to Queens there is a unique blend of culture, commerce and cuisine at every turn.

Book USA package holidays to New Orleans and you will visit a city where the music is as diverse as the food. To top this amazing city off, the whole experience is underscored by the lazy meandering of the Mississippi River. The Great Outdoors does not get much greater than the panoramas offered by Yellowstone National Park, but if you want your package holidays to the USA to feature sun, sand and sea, then Florida is the place to go.

Top Landmarks

Think America and you think the Statue of Liberty. With oodles of helicopter tours and boat cruises on American breaks, you can see this world-famous landmark from every angle. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is another iconic landmark that ought to feature on at least one of your holidays to America, giving you exceptional views of ‘Frisco Bay.

If you’re looking for the ultimate American holiday, why not travel down to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore? This world-famous landmark bears the faces of America’s most notable presidents. Book America packages during the summer months and you could see the monument illuminated at night; making for an even more spectacular experience.

Entertainment in the USA

Like their skyscrapers, food and music, America seems to do everything bigger and better than the rest of the world. Holidays in America wouldn’t be complete without saddling up and hitting the trail – and there are plenty of ranches and riding schools to put you through your paces. Surfing is another popular pastime, with the beaches in Malibu offering excellent conditions, whether you are an experienced ‘board jockey’ or it is your first attempt at ‘hanging ten’.

If you are travelling with family on American holidays there are plenty of theme parks to keep you occupied. If you love science and exploration then your Am.erica package holidays really ought to feature a trip to Epcot, Orlando. This famous landmark offers young and old the chance to saw through the solar system and experience a virtual space mission. Likewise, there are plenty of America deals that include a trip to Universal Studios. If you want to immerse yourself in modern American culture, a trip to the Yankee Stadium, in New York City, is an experience that sports fans will never forget. With such an enormous country at your fingertips, you can make your package holidays to America whatever you want them to be.

Dining Out

Some of the best food in the US is found in New Orleans, Louisiana. This soulful city offers up the very best of America's south. Expect tons of local shrimp, freshly baked corn bread and a generous helping of chilli sauce.

If you're on the road, prepare to sample some of the country's famous fast food. You will soon find out that not all drive-thrus are created equal. There's something to suit everyone, with cuisine ranging from classic American to spicy Mexican.

Fans of seafood will get their fill in the north-east of America. The states that make up New England offer some of the best. Maine lobster is one of the most sought-after dishes in the entire country.

For sandwiches, it's a tough battle between New York and Philadelphia. Both cities offer some superb subs. Meatballs, rich meats and melted cheese make for mouth-watering meals on American holidays.

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Need to know


The main language spoken throughout America is English. That said, different states will all have their own turns of phrase and accents, some of which are incredibly strong. The most common non-English languages are Spanish, Chinese and French.

While Chinese speakers are spread fairly evenly across America, Spanish speakers are mostly found in the south-west and south-east. In parts of Southern California, Spanish is so widely spoken that you'll find it on street signs. Many of the place names in California have Spanish influence: from Los Angeles to San Diego and Santa Barbara.


America's currency is the US dollar ($). These famous green notes are among the most easily-recognisable currencies in the world for their depiction of past presidents.

You will find ATMs just about everywhere in the USA, no matter how rural. All cities will also have places where you can change your sterling and euros directly into dollars. Denominations of note include $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.


America's borders are closely controlled and there are often strict visa requirements. Fortunately for those taking package holidays to the USA from the UK, it's very straightforward. Holidaymakers can apply online for an ESTA. The process is relatively straightforward and the cost is fixed at just $14. This allows you entry for as long as 90 days, but you'll have to provide proof that you're leaving the country within that time period. Don't be surprised if you're asked a few questions on arrival. This is perfectly normal and is nothing to worry about. The border staff in the US are some of the friendliest in the world.


America’s terrain takes in just about every type of weather.

The south of the country enjoys long, warm summers, although in some parts humidity can be high. The coastlines in both the south-west and south-east make excellent destinations for package holidays to the USA, as the heat can be a bit more intense inland.

While the north of America enjoys nice warm summers, things can get pretty chilly in the winter. Major cities like New York and Chicago are no strangers to a good dose of snow around Christmas time. The north-west also sees enough snow to make it ideal for skiing. Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, in particular, is a great bet for hitting the slopes.

Main Airports

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is the busiest in the world. This is largely down to the fact that it's within a two-hour flight of 80 per cent of the American population. New York's JFK Airport is also right up there, and is a popular choice for travellers coming from the UK.

If you're flying to the west coast, expect to drop into either Los Angeles’ LAX, or San Francisco. Other popular airports include Dallas and Chicago's O'Hare.

Flight Options

Due to its size, air travel is common for domestic journeys as well as international holidays. This means that the US is home to some of the biggest and busiest airports in the world. If you need to catch a connecting flight, you can usually fly into the city of your choosing, rather than having to find an airport nearby.

Travel Advice

Flights to popular cities like Los Angeles and New York are in such high demand that prices are relatively low, with lots of flights leaving the UK every day. Apart from around Christmas time, flights into New York are fairly similar. Other US holidays like 4th July and Thanksgiving can also lead to higher prices, so these times are best avoided.

Other Transport

Flying tends to be the most economical way to get to the States, but it's not the only way. The Transatlantic cruise route is one of the most popular ways to get to the USA. It's slower and more expensive, but certainly one of the most luxurious ways to arrive Stateside.


Due to the sheer scale of America, cross-country transport is extremely important. With low gas prices and one of the world's best road networks, the USA is certainly built for drivers.


Public transport in America varies from city to city. San Francisco and Portland boast impressive bus networks, but southern cities are some way behind. It's also possible to travel between cities by bus, usually at little expense.


Car is king in America. Rental is easy and gas prices are considerably lower than in Europe. Having your own vehicle also gives you the highest level of freedom to explore America's rural highlights. Parking can be tough in the bustling major cities, though.


Trains in America are viewed as more of a luxury than a necessity. Fancy cabins are a comfortable choice for cross-country journeys, and can be expensive.


Some of America's waterside cities feature ferries. New York's Staten Island Ferry is world-famous and free of charge.



  1. More than 100 acres of pizza is consumed in America each day.
  2. America is home to three of the five oldest rivers in the world: The French Broad, the Susquehanna and the New.
  3. Research by the World Giving Index suggests that people in America are more likely than anybody else to offer help to a stranger.
  4. Each of the seven rays protruding from the crown on the Statue of Liberty is 9 feet long.


  1. More than 100 acres of pizza is consumed in America each day.
  2. America is home to three of the five oldest rivers in the world: The French Broad, the Susquehanna and the New.
  3. Research by the World Giving Index suggests that people in America are more likely than anybody else to offer help to a stranger.
  4. Each of the seven rays protruding from the crown on the Statue of Liberty is 9 feet long.

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