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Flight from Marrakech to Liverpool route information
Origin AirportMenara
Destination AirportJohn Lennon
Distance2437 km

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For travelling on business or for pleasure, Expedia makes it easy to book your flights from Marrakech to Liverpool. Operating between them flights per day, airlines cover the route. And fly direct, getting you to John Lennon in just hours. If you have a preferred carrier, use our advanced search tool to find the right flight from Menara to John Lennon.  

To make things even better, in the advanced search, you can also choose to fly economy, premium economy, business or first class, select your maximum number of stops, and pick your preferred departure and arrival time. You can also opt for refundable and direct flights. 

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The easiest way to view the best deals on flights from Marrakech to Liverpool today is to enter your travel dates and hit search. From here, you can sort your results by price to see the cheapest flights first. Right now, return flights from Menara to John Lennon start at just and range up to .  

To find an even better deal, try  

  • being flexible on your dates – midweek flights can be cheaper
  • looking for other airports near Marrakech and Liverpool
  • booking your flight during , the cheapest month on this route
  • varying your flight times – early morning and late at night are sometimes cheaper 

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We cater for all flight types, cabin classes and airlines. So whether you’re booking flights from Menara to John Lennon for a budget break or a business trip with a bit of pleasure thrown in, we make it easy to secure the seat that’s right for you.  

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