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Christmas is an exciting time a year and what better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to jet off to a European city to experience a Christmas Market in either BrugesLondonManchesterVienna, BerlinRothenburg or Strasbourg? Book a hotel deal and do not miss out on spiced warm wine, sausages, decorations and much more.


The Magic of Christmas Markets

A glass of mulled wine in one hand, a bratwurst in the other, and a woolly hat and gloves keeping you toasty while snowflakes dance to a carousel of timeless Christmas classics. If you’re more “Deck the halls with boughs of holly” and less “Bah, hambug!”, then you’ll no doubt be joining the millions of people who book a hotel in Europe to experience an enthralling European  Christmas market. From Manchester to Strasbourg and Vienna, city streets and squares are transformed with fairy lights and tinsel into little corners of Yuletide heaven, with the sound of carols and the smell of delicious hot food bringing in visitors from near and far.


From Medieval to Modern

Christmas markets originated in medieval Germany, when people would travel to seasonal markets in the big towns to buy the essentials they needed for the harsh winter ahead. As these markets grew in importance, local craftsmen started to sell ornaments and children’s toys as Christmas presents. While Dresden claims to be the home of the first Christmas market in 1434, you’ll find other cities across Europe laying claim to the same accolade.


The Real Santa Claus

If you book a hotel to visit a European Christmas markets around the 6th of December, you can join in the festivities around the feast of St Nicholas – the original Santa Claus. The celebrations usually start on the evening of the 5th, with St Nicholas arriving in the Christmas market with an angel on one side and the devil on the other. This is when the kids queue up to tell Santa whether they’ve been good or bad. Well-behaved children receive nice presents but, according to some traditions, naughty kids get nothing but a lump of coal.


All of Your Christmas Shopping in One Place

Germany is considered by many to have the best European cities for Christmas markets. It’s true that a Christmas market in Munich (or pretty much anywhere in Bavaria) is guaranteed to impress, but you’ll also find a fabulous range of traditional and unusual stocking fillers in similar markets across Europe. Food lovers can pick up delicious cakes, cured meats and an endless variety of sweets. If you always end up buying a bottle for an uncle or brother, you can stock up on wines, liquors and even craft beers. And which relative isn’t going to be enthralled by a hand-carved candlestick or chess set? The biggest challenge is likely to be finding space in your bags to bring your loot home. Best to book an extra bag on the way back. Check out our hotels in Bavaria.


Eat, Drink and be Merry

For most visitors to European Christmas markets, the highlight is undoubtedly the food and drink. Savoury snacks typically take the form of sausages, fresh bread and hot potatoes, along with local cheeses, which are often served warm. Those with a sweet tooth can skip the main course and dive straight into sweet pastries, fudge or artisan chocolate. And what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to wash all this goodness down with a mug of hot chocolate or punch?

Have a look at the great hotel savings on this page, book now and don’t miss out on all the great Christmas markets Europe has to offer.

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