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Kuching Attractions

Kuching is a traveller’s paradise. Not only is it the largest city on the island of Borneo, but it is also the most sophisticated too. Kuching is a swirling blend of cultures, crafts and cuisines. As with much of Malaysia you will discover an invigorating blend of the traditional, colonial, and modern. What’s more, it’s ideally situated for adventuring out into the wilds of Borneo’s rainforests and diving into the spectacular seas lining the coast.

Areas & Neighborhoods in Kuching

Medan Raya Complex — Centred on a man-made lake where radio controlled speedboats are frequently raced in the evenings, this area of open space is the ideal place to go for a walk or run, or enjoy a romantic stroll.

Kuching Waterfront — Kuching’s most popular meeting place, the Waterfront is the finest location to take in views of the stunning Astana palace, Fort Margherita, Kampung Sinjan and Kampung Lintang, as well as the DUN complex. And with food stalls present both day and night, it’s also the perfect place to take in some fresh air, no matter what the hour.

Main Bazaar — This area of boutique-style stores offers a cornucopia of curios and handicrafts for you to browse at your leisure. Housed in a row of old shophouses, the Main Bazaar boasts a range of handcrafted local items, from hand-woven textiles to brass gongs and statues, many brought from the highlands of Kalimantan, and all presented by enthusiastic shopkeepers keen to regale their customers with the origins of their wares.

Open-Air Market — Its name is something of a misnomer, this market, in fact, occupies a space under the roof of the old fire station. With stall after stall of exotic and varied dishes that draw from Chinese, Malay and Thai cuisines, food lovers should not miss the Open-Air Market.

Things to See in Kuching

There’s so much to see in Kuching, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to see first. The Astana palace on the north bank of the river is home to the Head of State of Sarawak, and is a sight to behold in itself. But when you factor in the delightful gardens that surround it you have a truly magical experience to enjoy. Kuching is also home to Malaysia’s first planetarium, which is based in the Kuching Civic Centre complex. With the huge number of temples, museums, as well as endless opportunities to marvel at nature’s splendour, Kuching really is a feast for the senses.

Things to Do in Kuching

As a city that acts as the perfect gateway to a world of outdoor pursuits, whether on the water, or into the jungles of Borneo, Kuching inevitably attracts lots of young people looking for adventure. Of course, where there are young people, there is partying to be done, and Kuching has a number of clubbing districts. So when you’ve had your fill of all the heritage, cuisine, and adventuring, why not find a club and party the night away?

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