Sparrow Hills

Sparrow Hills featuring a garden and a statue or sculpture

Sparrow Hills

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Choose two or more items and save on your trip:

See the city of Moscow in all its glory from this great lookout point, where the vista includes many magnificent sights.

Sparrow Hills is a park in Moscow that is renowned for its fantastic city views. Come here to enjoy a break from city life and admire the urban panoramas.

The park is a member of the Seven Hills of Moscow and takes its name from the nearby Vorobyovy (Sparrow) village. It is thought that Napoleon once walked on the grounds of Sparrow Hills, adding an element of historical significance to the site. Tread on the same soil as visitors to Moscow in bygone eras, who would have journeyed to the city on foot or horseback via Sparrow Hills.

Come for a walk in the park and revel in the calm atmosphere. Different paths lead you through its greenery and past picturesque ponds on the hill.

While the space itself is pleasant, the views from Sparrow Hills attract most visitors. Hike uphill for 15 or 20 minutes or take the chairlift to the summit. Find yourself at the hill’s tall observation platform. From here, view many prominent Moscow landmarks.

Spot the Luzhniki Olympic Stadium, where the 1980 Olympic Games were held. Many concerts and major soccer matches have been hosted here over the years. The huge venue can hold about 78,000 people. Identify it by its circular shape and ring of columns around the exterior.

Look beyond the stadium for the Seven Sisters skyscraper complex. This Stalinist project was intended to cement Moscow’s place on the world stage. The seven buildings in symmetric wedding-cake shapes create an impressive sight. The spire on the tallest building also gives the Seven Sisters a distinctly Russian flavor, in contrast to its American counterparts.

Appreciate the architecture of Moscow State University from Sparrow Hills too. The stunning building stands at around 770 feet (240 meters) tall and is crowned with a huge star.

To visit Sparrow Hills, take the metro to the Vorobyevy Gory station. Visiting the park is free. It is open every day.

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