Lugo Province

Lugo showing a church or cathedral and heritage elements

Located on the banks of the River Miño, Lugo is positively dripping with Roman charm. You’re sure to be taken aback as you explore its streets and delight your senses with the spectacular natural surroundings and cuisine that is considered an art form and an active part of their culture.

Discover one of the most beautiful cities in Galicia while enjoying an excellent holiday in Lugo, where you’ll discover the fabulous wealth of monuments and heritage passed down from Roman times. The first thing that will grab your attention is sure to be the imposing walls of Lugo, built in the 3rd century AD, thanks to its excellent preservation. In fact, it is the only wall to be declared a World Heritage Site. Head over to Praza do Campo and you’ll feel as if you were stepping back in time; in its day, this was a Roman Forum and, later, hosted a medieval marketplace.

Take advantage of the fantastic package holidays to Lugo to photograph the beauty that characterises the architectural works there. The magnificent Lugo cathedral is a must-see, as is the eclectic architectural style of the Palacio Episcopal and, of course, the spectacular baroque façade of Lugo City Hall. Go for a stroll down the narrow streets that make up the historic old town, where you can enjoy some excellent tapas in the local taverns that have put this city on the map, and wash it all down with some Ribeira Sacra wines. If you need to rest, a visit to the Rosalía de Castro park offers some wonderful views over the valley of the River Miño.

It won’t be hard to find cheap trips to Lugo, as the city enjoys excellent transport links with the rest of the Spanish mainland. If you’re coming by plane, the nearest airport is Santiago de Compostela, which offers several buses to the centre of Lugo. You can also get there by train or bus from other parts of the country. Of course, the best idea is to rent a car, as the excellent road network allows you to visit other nearby towns such as A Mariña or A Ribeira Sacra, in addition to cities such as Santiago de Compostela or A Coruña.

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Lugo which includes heritage elements and a city
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  • Lugo Cathedral
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