Daintree - Cape Tribulation
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Walk amid the world’s oldest surviving rainforest or follow the river to the open ocean, where lush evergreen forest meets the white-sand beaches of the cape.

The Daintree region stretches along the fertile Daintree River and extends south through ancient rainforests from the artists’ enclave of Daintree Village to the stunning east-coast beaches of Cape Tribulation. Be humbled by nature in the Daintree National Park or discover the rugged wonder of the Bloomfield Track toward Cooktown. Recline on soft white sands on the cape’s magnificent beaches or begin your adventure on the Great Barrier Reef.

Daintree Village is a great place to start your experience in this lushly vegetated region. Stroll along the main street of the historic pioneering town and check out the studios and galleries of local artists, craftspeople and woodcarvers. Jump on a wildlife-watching cruise or a local ferry to see estuarine crocodiles and flitting tropical birds along the Daintree River.

You’ll feel tiny next to the ancient forests of the Daintree Rainforest, which stretches between Mossman Gorge and the Bloomfield River. King ferns and giant bull kauri pines tower overhead, while butterflies and the electric-blue flash of the cassowary contrast with the dense green undergrowth. Join a walking tour with an indigenous guide to gain further insight into the forest’s remarkable cultural heritage or watch the scenery unfold around you from your car.

On the Daintree’s eastern flank is Cape Tribulation, a breathtaking strip where the rainforest meets the sea. Experience the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef with a charter tour departing from the cape. Hike along the Dubuji Boardwalk across mangrove swampland or take in the expansive tropical panorama from the Mount Sorrow ridge track. Go horseriding on the beach, swim amid the rock pools of Myall Beach or make the exciting journey north to Cooktown via the four-wheel drive Bloomfield Track.

Daintree Village is around 90-minutes’ drive from Cairns and easily accessible with an average rental car. Four-wheel drive tracks are well signposted. Join one of the charter tours that visit several key areas in the Daintree and Cape Tribulation. Heed local advice and warnings about stingers and crocodile sightings along the beaches and rivers in this area.

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