Nectar Terms and Conditions

Nectar, a free rewards programme, has made arrangements with to offer its customers the opportunity to earn Nectar points (“Nectar Points”) for travel arrangements made through After Expedia transfers the Nectar Points you collected to your Nectar Member Account, those points can be used to redeem a voucher with Expedia (“Reward Voucher”) which you can spend on The Nectar Points you collect will also be eligible to be redeemed for other Nectar Network rewards.

Nectar registration is completely optional and is not required for use of the web site. The following rules apply to Expedia customers who choose to participate in Nectar while using Expedia reserves the right to change these program rules (including items' eligibility to earn points, as well as point-earning levels) at any time without additional notice. Users are deemed to be apprised of and bound by all new changes once they are posted.

  • Enrollment and Registration in Nectar

    In order to participate in Nectar, you must first register. To register for a Nectar card or for further information visit

  • Collecting Nectar Points on

    Expedia is one of Nectars sponsors, through whom you can earn points. To receive Nectar Points for a booking on, you must submit a valid Nectar card number via the Expedia travel confirmation page. The Nectar card used must be registered in the same name as the Expedia user account.

    Expedia reserves the right to rescind at any time any Nectar Points that were granted for unused travel items. Nectar Points will be rescinded in cases where a customer receives a refund, from either Expedia or a travel vendor, and/or for travel items for which Nectar Points were granted. Furthermore, Nectar points will be rescinded in cases where a customer appears to have made an attempt to gain unfair benefit above that which could normally have been expected from their booking on (e.g. booking a series of one-night hotel stays in order to obtain Nectar points on a per night rather than a per trip basis).

    To contest the rescinding of Nectar Points, please call 0330 123 1235.

  • Approved Travel Items for Nectar Points

    You can collect Nectar points on the following travel items booked through

    • 200 Nectar Points for a standalone hotel, flight or car hire booking;
    • 1000 Nectar Points for a package booking. A package booking can be (i) flight + hotel; (ii) flight + hotel + car hire; (iii) flight + car hire.
  • Exclusions

    The following travel items are not eligible to earn Nectar Points on

    1. Activities and services
    2. Insurance
  • Redeeming Nectar Points on

    Nectar Collectors can redeem Nectar Points on by calling (0203 027 5943). An Expedia agent will convert your Nectar Points into a Reward Voucher and apply it to your Expedia user account. Once a Reward Voucher has been applied to your Expedia account, you can:

    1. Make a telephone booking; or
    2. Reserve the voucher to use online at
  • Reward Voucher

    The minimum number of Nectar Points you can redeem is 2,000 points which can be converted to a £10 Reward Voucher. Once you have reached 2,000 points you can redeem a higher voucher every 500 points that you convert.

    Points Voucher
    2,000 £10.0 £10
    2,500 £12.5 £13
    3,000 £15.0 £15
    3,500 £17.5 £18
    4,000 £20.0 £20
    4,500 £22.5 £23
    5,000 £25.0 £25
    5,500 £27.5 £28
    6,000 £30.0 £30
    6,500 £32.5 £33
    7,000 £35.0 £35
    7,500 £37.5 £38
    8,000 £40.0 £40
    8,500 £42.5 £43
    9,000 £45.0 £45
    9,500 £47.5 £48
    10,000 £50.0 £50
    And so on, with no points limitation.

    This table shows the vouchers you can get with the Nectar points you have collected.

    The minimum number of Nectar Points you can redeem is 2,000 points - that converts to a £10 Reward Voucher.

    Once you have reached 2,000 Nectar points you can redeem a higher value voucher for every 500 Nectar points that you convert.

    Reward Vouchers will be valid for 12 months from the month in which they are added to customers’ Expedia accounts and cannot be used to pay additional charges such as amendment / cancellation charges, credit / debit card charges, insurance, taxes and surcharges, which must be paid by the customer at the time of booking.

    If a booking is made by redeeming points and paying cash, points cannot be earned on the cash element of the booking.

    Expedia’s normal cancellation policy will apply to cancellation of reward bookings. In the event of cancellation, Reward Vouchers and/or points are not refundable.

    In addition to the above, each reward booking is subject to Expedia’s own booking terms conditions as well as those of the supplier with which the booking is made.

    Nectar Collectors who would like to redeem their points on more than one hotel room in the same trip must notify the Expedia agent at the earliest opportunity. These hotel rooms will be booked on separate itineraries

  • Approved Travel Items for Nectar Point Redemption

    Customers can redeem Reward Vouchers on the following products on

    1. Flights;
    2. ’Expedia Special Rate‘ hotels;
    3. “Create your own” packages (meaning flight + hotel; flight + hotel + car; Eurostar + hotel; Eurostar + hotel + car).
  • Exclusions

    Customers cannot redeem Reward Vouchers in relation to other Expedia products and services, including:

    1. Car hire (unless as part of a flight+hotel+car package booking);
    2. Hotels other than ‘Expedia Special Rate’ hotels;
    3. Activities and services;
    4. Insurance.

These terms and conditions come into force on 1 January 2014. Customers should print a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference.

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