Family holidays in Skiathos

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  • Skiathos Family holidays

    It's impossible to take family holidays on Skiathos without mention of the movie Mamma Mia! as the island's landmarks provided the backdrop to many of the ABBA-inspired film's pivotal scenes. If your kids enjoyed the movie, this adds a whole new dimension to taking a break on what is a very pretty island in its own right. Alternatively, if they've never seen the film, watching it together could be a fun way to build excitement once you've booked your trip to Skiathos. You can even often catch screenings while you are there, which is an indication of how much the community has embraced its newfound fame.

    Where to stay on Skiathos

    Most, if not all cheap family holidays to Skiathos will have their accommodation in Skiathos Town. There are other communities on the island - for example Xanemos and Troulos - but only a few hundred people live there. It is worth remembering that Skiathos refers both to the town and to the entire island though - so check which is being talked about before placing your booking, if you're still in any doubt.

    What is there to do?

    The island's smaller communities are great for sightseeing and exploring during family holidays in Skiathos. A circular route around the complete coast covers only about 45 km, highlighting how close together everything is, but there's no shortage of beaches, with some figures putting the total at about 60 separate stretches of sand. The coastal waters warm up gradually throughout the spring and summer, and are at their most pleasant from June onwards. Even in October they retain some of that heat, and should be in the balmy low to mid-20°C if you take an autumn break.

    Will the kids like Skiathos?

    There's really nothing to dislike about family holidays to Skiathos. The scale of the place means you will often receive a much more attentive and personal service than you would in a mainland tourist resort, and for the children that should mean familiar members of hotel staff throughout their stay. The cinematic link helps little ones to appreciate Skiathos even more - and gives the whole family a selection of top tunes for a singalong during the drive to the airport.

    Why Skiathos is so great for families

    The people of Skiathos love children and always make an effort to ensure that younger visitors are just as well catered for as grownups. Skiathos family holidays are perfect if you want to spend your days on the beach. The island's coastline if a wonderful place to explore, with countless pristine, sandy bays to choose from, and a variety of excellent family-orientated attractions to enjoy. All of this, coupled with Skiathos local's relaxed and jovial approach to life, ensures that even the most exhausted of families can find relaxation and inspiration on this unique island.

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