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Explore Castles around the UK & Ireland

Castles don’t just exist in fairy tales. In fact, whether they were used as royal residences or a defence against invaders, real-life castles are far more fascinating than their fictional counterparts.

From imposing ruins dating back to the 1300s, to 1,000 year old strongholds, the United Kingdom is home to hundreds of historic fortresses. With bricks steeped in history, the castles in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are often the first port of call for visitors. With so many to choose from, however, it can be difficult to decide which castle will be the spot for your next day trip.

This is why we have created the Castle Holidays hub. Use the map, above, to delve into the UK’s different regions and explore the castles residing within. Perhaps you’re heading to Scotland and want to visit a historic bastion worthy of Macbeth, or experience one of the charming castles in Wales with a view to remember. Perhaps you’d even like to stay the night?

That’s right, many of the UK’s fortresses are actually inhabited castle hotels complete with antique furniture, roaring fires and, you never know, maybe even a ghost or two! But this is all part of the experience at a castle hotel – a trip you aren’t likely to forget in your lifetime.

You’ll find castle hotels in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, dotted along the coast and nestled in the countryside. And where there isn’t a castle hotel? There’s somewhere to stay not far away, where you can rest your feet and re-account the day’s adventures. In fact, coupled with the sheer number of properties you can explore, you could even turn your day trip into a historic odyssey.

Captivating adult visitors and enchanting children, castles are the perfect attraction to incorporate into breaks or holidays in the UK and Ireland. The great news is that, with the Castle Holidays hub, you can plan an unforgettable road trip. Why not retrace the steps of the Game of Thrones cast by visiting some of the most breath-taking filming locations and castles in Northern Ireland, or tread the floorboards of the grandest royal chambers in England? If this sounds like your kind of road trip, simply click on the ‘Road Trips in the UK and Ireland’ tab, above, and take your pick from the castle-rich routes.

Far from dull, the castles on UK and Irish shores are alive with fascinating history and boundless magic – perfect for adults and children alike.