Expedia®HSBC Premier Programme Terms and Conditions (updated as of 7 December 2016)


The Expedia+ HSBC Premier Programme ("Programme") is offered at the sole discretion of Expedia, Inc. and is open only to individuals resident in the United Kingdom who: (a) are eighteen (18) years of age and older; (b) have a valid email address; (c) are a customer of HSBC Global Services (UK) Limited ("HSBC") and/or any HSBC Group Member and hold an HSBC Premier MasterCard in the United Kingdom; and (d) have enrolled in the Programme prior to 7 December 2018 ("Member(s)").  A "HSBC Group Member" means: means HSBC Holdings plc and any legal entity from time to time (1) in which HSBC Holdings plc (or one or more of its subsidiary companies, or subsequent holding or subsidiary companies of such entity) owns at least fifty per cent (50%) or more of the voting shares or (2) in which HSBC Holdings plc or any of HSBC Holdings plc’s intermediate holding or subsidiary companies has a controlling interest, or (3) over which HSBC Holdings plc (or one of its subsidiary companies, or a subsequent holding or subsidiary company of such entity) either directly or indirectly exercises management control, even though it may own less than fifty per cent (50%) of the shares and is prevented from owning a greater shareholding, or (4) those legal entities notified by HSBC from time to time.  


By participating in the Programme, Members who have enrolled with the Programme as required in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, will automatically be allocated “gold” status of the Expedia+ programme from the date of their enrollment with the Programme until the Gold Status Termination Date.  This means that they can earn Expedia+ points ("Expedia+ points" or "Points") for booking and completing eligible travel through Expedia and redeem available Points for certain travel rewards, subject to these Terms and Conditions and the availability of eligible travel and reward items. In order to earn Expedia+ points, eligible travel must be completed. This means that you, the Member, stayed in the hotel you booked, flew your flight itinerary, used the rental car you reserved as a part of your vacation package, or attended the event for which you booked and paid. The terms "you" and "your" throughout these Terms and Conditions refer to any Member and any customer eligible to participate in the Programme.


Certain Programme offers and status benefits may not be available to Members who are not residents of United Kingdom.  Expedia reserves the right to discontinue or modify the Programme and/or the Expedia+ programme and/or these Terms and Conditions, or to restrict the Programme's availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason. Expedia will provide you with prior reasonable notice and the option to terminate your agreement in case of any discontinuance or modification of Expedia+ programme, the Programme and/or these Terms and Conditions. In case of fraud or abuse involving the Programme, Expedia reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, including but not limited to termination of Programme.


Membership in the Programme is void if prohibited by law in the state or country of the Member's residence, and subject to change as may be necessary to comply with such laws or regulations.


Expedia may modify any of the Terms and Conditions governing the Programme — including, but not limited to, the rules for earning and redeeming Expedia+ points, the expiration policy for Points and the products and services on which Points may be earned and redeemed. Expedia will provide you with prior reasonable notice and the option to terminate your agreement in case of modification of these Terms and Conditions. Expedia reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any Member it finds to be tampering with the operation of the Programme or to be acting in violation of these Terms and Conditions or in a fraudulent or deceptive manner. Any attempt by any Member to undermine the legitimate operation of the Programme may be a violation of criminal and civil law, and, should such an attempt be made, Expedia reserves the right to seek damages from any such person to the fullest extent permitted by law. Failure by Expedia to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision. Expedia makes no guarantees, warranties, or representations of any kind concerning the Programme. You release Expedia and its affiliates and partners from all liability regarding the earning, redemption, and use of Expedia+ points, including any rewards that, after receipt, may be lost, stolen, or destroyed due to your fault or negligence. Expedia suppliers are in no way affiliated with or responsible for Programme administration.


Programme Termination

The Programme will terminate on 30 December,2020  unless Expedia decides to terminate the Programme on an alternative date at its sole discretion (the "Programme Termination Date"). Expedia may terminate the Programme at any time. Upon termination, you will have ninety (90) days from the Programme Termination Date to use available Expedia+ points remaining in your account. After that date, any Points will be forfeited without compensation.


If we change the Programme, we will notify you by email at least 90 days in advance. Your continued participation in the Programme after receipt of notice of modifications and the effective date constitutes your acceptance of any changes to these Terms and Conditions.


Following your individual Gold Status Termination Date, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria applicable to the Expedia+ programme to maintain Expedia+ membership (see www.expedia.co.uk/loyaltyrewards/pages/info-rewards/expediarewards/terms.htm?pageName=page.Rewards.Terms for details).  If you do not meet such Expedia+ eligibility criteria on and after the Gold Status Termination Date, your "gold" status within the Expedia+ membership will cease or be revised to a different Expedia+ status subject to you meeting certain eligibility criteria (as applicable).  Your membership of the Expedia+ programme following your individual Gold Status Termination Date shall be subject to the term and conditions of the Expedia+ programme which can be located at www.expedia.co.uk/loyaltyrewards/pages/info-rewards/expediarewards/terms.htm?pageName=page.Rewards.Terms.


Programme Benefits

As a Member of the Programme you will be assigned with the following benefits:


(1)      "Gold" status within the Expedia+ programme for the period of 12 calendar months from the date of your enrollment to the Programme or until 1 February 2019 if earlier (your “Gold Status Termination Date”) which has the following benefits:

  • Expedia+ Bonus Points: Expedia+ gold members earn a 30% bonus on all base points earned. Bonus points will be awarded thirty (30) days after completion of travel.
  • +VIP Access bonus points: +gold members receive 250 bonus points for eligible hotel or flight + hotel stays at hotels bearing the +VIP Access icon. Bonus points will be awarded thirty (30) days after completion of travel. Hotels participating in the +VIP Access hotel network are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • Exclusive hotel amenities: +gold members receive exclusive amenities on property at over 2,700 participating +VIP Access hotels. Amenities vary by property. Hotels participating in the +VIP Access hotel network that offer exclusive amenities are subject to change at any time without notice. The amenities offered by a given hotel are subject to change. Exclusive amenities are intended for the primary account holder and will only be extended to additional travelers booked in the +gold member's account at the hotel's discretion and availability.
  • +VIP Access Hotel Upgrades: +gold members receive upgrades upon availability at check-in at over 2,900 participating +VIP Access hotels. Participating hotels can be found by looking for the +VIP Access icon on Expedia.co.uk when booking. +VIP Access Hotel Upgrades are intended for the primary account holder and will only be extended to additional travelers booked in the +gold member's account at the hotel's discretion and availability.
  • Dedicated customer service: +gold members receive express customer service from an exclusive team of dedicated Expedia+ gold travel specialists, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Exclusive +gold offers: Periodic special offers will be made available exclusively to +gold members.

(2)      from the date of your enrollment to the Programme until the Programme Termination Date, an unlimited number of 10% discount coupons that may be redeemed against selected stand-alone hotel bookings provided that you have clicked on the Programme Page or used a valid URL for the Programme Page and signed into your Expedia account via the Programme Page for your booking.  Each such coupon is a single-use coupon and only one can be used per booking.  The use of each such discount coupon is subject to the applicable coupon terms and conditions which can be located at https://www.expedia.co.uk/g/rf/hsbc-premier-uk-tnc.


To benefit from the Programme you must access the website www.expedia.co.uk/HSBCPremier (the "Programme Page"). From the Programme Page you must: (a) create a new Expedia account if you do not already have an existing Expedia account; or (b) sign in to your existing Expedia account. To ensure that you are a holder of an HSBC Premier MasterCard and are therefore eligible to benefit from the Programme, when you first use the Programme Page to create a new Expedia account or sign into your existing Expedia account, you will be required to enter the first 6 digits of your HSBC Premier Credit Card number.  Expedia will then authenticate your identity by validating your BIN details with those provided to us by HSBC.  You will also be required to confirm that you have read and accept Expedia's website terms of use for www.expedia.co.uk, Expedia's privacy policy (https://www.expedia.co.uk/p/support/privacy) and these Terms and Conditions. Once these stages of enrollment are complete, you will be deemed to be a Member of the Programme.

To earn Expedia+ points for a booking on Expedia through the Programme, you must be an enrolled Member prior to making a booking and be signed in to your Expedia account prior to booking. No Points will be earned for bookings made on Expedia.co.uk when you are not signed in to your Expedia account. If you become an enrolled Member of the Programme after booking but before travel is completed, Points will not accrue on that booking. 

As an enrolled Member of the Programme, you will receive regular account servicing updates by email. Members may opt out of participation in the Programme from the Rewards Activity page on Expedia.co.uk. Your ability to earn and redeem Expedia+ points will be suspended after you opt out. If you opt out of Programme participation, you will no longer have access to your account statement information, no Expedia+ points will accumulate on future bookings, and any accumulated Expedia+ points will be unavailable for redemption. Any Points in your account at the time of opting out will expire fourteen (14) days from your opt-out date.

Earning Points
Expedia awards Points only to the owner of the account through which any eligible booking is made. Additional individuals named as travelers on the itinerary will not earn Points. If booking a trip for another individual as a travel arranger using the Arranger Settings in your Expedia account, the individual's account you are using to book the travel will earn points for the eligible booking only if their Expedia account is enrolled in the Programme and they have an active account.

After making an eligible booking, the anticipated amount of Expedia+ points to be awarded will be held in pending status until thirty (30) days after travel is complete. As mentioned above, and for the sake of clarity, "completed travel" means that you, the Member, stayed in the hotel you booked, flew your booked flight itinerary, used the rental car you reserved as a part of your package, or attended the event for which you booked and paid. Pending Expedia+ points are not available for redemption usage. Thirty (30) days after completion of travel, points will move from pending to available status. Once in available status, Expedia+ points are eligible to be used by the Member for redemption purposes. The amount of pending Expedia+ points calculated at the time of booking is based on the details of the itinerary booked and completed. Changes or cancellations to the booked itinerary may result in differences between the estimated amount of pending points calculated and the ultimate amount of points that post to the Member's account for that itinerary. No Expedia+ points will be earned for change or cancellation fees imposed by suppliers.

Expedia reserves the right to rescind at any time any pending or available Expedia+ points that were earned or awarded for unused travel items. Expedia+ points will be rescinded in cases where a Member receives a refund, from either Expedia or a travel supplier or vendor. Points earned pursuant to fraudulent, sham or falsified information will be rescinded by Expedia.

Expedia has the right to monitor all Member account activity. If your Expedia+ account shows signs of fraud, abuse, or suspicious activity, Expedia may close or freeze your account immediately, and you may lose your accrued Expedia+ points. If you have conducted any fraudulent activity, Expedia reserves the right to take any necessary legal action and may have grounds to confiscate any rewards redeemed as a result of such activity. In addition, you may be liable for monetary losses to Expedia, including litigation costs and damages, and you will not be allowed to participate in Expedia+ in the future. Bookings discovered to be fraudulent will have their Expedia+ points rescinded, and the account associated with such fraudulent bookings will be frozen from further Rewards Point earning or redemption activity. To contest freezing of an account or the rescinding of Expedia+ points, please first call 020 3788 0445.

If your account does not represent the correct number of Expedia+ points that you should have been awarded as determined by Expedia, Expedia reserves the right to augment or decrement your Point balance. If you believe your account has been the subject of any suspicious activity, please contact the Expedia Service Center immediately. If it is determined you have been the victim of a fraud, the Points you have earned may be transferred to a new account.

Point earning, redemption rates and elite status gross booking value qualification requirements are established based on local currency exchange rates relative to the US dollar, and are subject to change. Rewards Point accumulation and redemption activity can be accessed on your Rewards Activity page. Expedia+ points and rewards have no cash value and may not be traded or redeemed for cash. Expedia+ points may not be assigned, sold, transferred, and/or pledged to any third party. You have no property rights or other legal interests in Expedia+ points. You are responsible for any personal tax liability that may be related to participation in Expedia+ and redemption of any rewards.

If a Member believes he or she did not receive the correct amount of Expedia+ points for a booking, the Member must contact Expedia Customer Service at 020 3788 0445 within ninety (90) days from the travel end date. Expedia will make the final determination as to whether Points adjustments of any kind are justified for the travel in question. In no event will any Expedia+ points manually be moved from pending to available status sooner than thirty (30) days after completion of travel.

Point Posting / Reconciliation
The anticipated amount of Expedia+ points to be awarded are held in pending status until travel is completed and payment has been confirmed. See chart below for length of time it may take for points to move from pending to available status.


Eligible Booking

Point Confirmation Timing


- 30 days after travel completion

·         Flight + Hotel
·         Flight + Car
·         Hotel + Flight + Car

- 30 days after travel completion

Hotel paid at time of booking

- 30 days after travel completion

Hotel paid at time of stay

- 35 days after travel completion

Activities (Things to do)

- 30 days after completion


- Up to 90 days after travel completion


Travel Items Eligible for Earning Expedia+ base points
Points will be earned at the rates specified from time to time on the Benefit page located at https://www.Expedia.co.uk/rewards/howitworks#benefits. Points can be earned by booking the following eligible travel items on Expedia.co.uk when signed in to your account:

  • Hotel
  • Air
  • Activities
  • Flight + Hotel
  • Flight + Car
  • Hotel + Flight + Car
  • Car rentals with car rental suppliers as displayed on www.Expedia.co.uk*
    *Car rental suppliers may be subject to change from time to time

The following travel items are not eligible to earn Expedia+ base points:

  • Insurance
  • Cruises

Bonus Point Offers

From time to time, Expedia may offer opportunities to earn additional bonus Expedia+ points. All applicable terms and conditions associated with the specific bonus offer must be met in order to earn bonus Expedia+ points for your booked and completed travel. Bonus Expedia+ points will be posted to your account as pending at time of booking, and will move to available status thirty (30) days after the travel end date, unless otherwise specified in the promotion-specific terms and conditions. Bonus Expedia+ point offers apply to changed bookings as long as the changed booking still meets all requirements and conditions of the offer. Bonus point offers do not apply to cancelled bookings. Offers are limited to the offer recipient and are not transferable. Bonus point offers are not redeemable for cash. Void where prohibited by law.

Points Expiration
Expedia+ points will not expire as long as there is a qualifying purchase or redemption activity through Expedia.co.uk on your account at least once every eighteen (18) months. "Qualifying purchase or redemption activity" means an Expedia+ -eligible trip or travel item which has been both booked and completed and points have been confirmed, or redemption of a travel reward through your account. All points in your account will expire if there is no qualifying purchase or redemption activity for a period of eighteen (18) months. Once expired, Expedia+ points will not be reinstated.

Points Redemption
Expedia+ points can be redeemed for bookings at Expedia Rate hotels or for vouchers that can be applied to Flight + Hotel bookings that include a hotel stay at an Expedia Rate property. Points cannot be redeemed for cash and have no cash value. Points cannot be combined with any other certificates, vouchers, discounts, upgrades, awards, or promotions. Points are offered as promotional items and are void if sold for cash or other consideration, or if altered or copied, and cannot be reissued if destroyed, lost or stolen. Points are not valid where prohibited by law.

There is no fee to redeem your points at Expedia.co.uk. Points may only be redeemed for eligible purchases of Expedia travel-related goods and services that Expedia will determine in its discretion.

Expedia+ will deduct from your account balance the amount of points you elect to use toward your eligible purchase. If you do not have enough points to complete an eligible purchase, you may use an eligible credit card associated with your account to complete the transaction. Expedia may, in its discretion, allow you to combine points with eligible vouchers. Pending Expedia+ points cannot be used toward reward redemption.

Hotel Redemptions
Members can redeem available Expedia+ points to pay for partial or full cost of an Expedia Rate hotel. Points can be redeemed for +VIP Access hotels at double the value of non-+VIP Access hotels. A minimum of 3,500 available points are required to be eligible for redemption. Points can only be redeemed where payment is being made to Expedia at time of booking. Points cannot be applied to the cost of cancellation or change penalties, prepaid reservations, or other miscellaneous charges.

Flight + Hotel Redemptions
Account holders can redeem available Expedia+ points for Expedia vouchers in various increments ("Reward voucher") that can be applied to the cost of a Flight + Hotel bookings that includes an Expedia Rate hotel. When you redeem Expedia+ points for a Reward voucher in your selected amount, you will be issued a Reward voucher code. The issued Reward voucher will be deposited into the Member's Expedia account, and can be found on the vouchers page within "My Account". Once the Reward voucher code is issued, the Reward voucher may be redeemed by the Member. Any terms or conditions applicable to each Rewards voucher will be confirmed at the time of issuance. Redeemed Expedia+ points will be deducted from your account at the time the Reward voucher code is issued. No Rewards Point amounts or reward availability is confirmed until the required number of Expedia+ points has been deducted from the Member's account and the Reward voucher is issued.


Reward vouchers can only be redeemed for Flight + Hotel bookings that include a booking at an Expedia Rate hotel on Expedia.co.uk + a flight booked on Expedia.co.uk, and only where payment is being made to Expedia at time of booking. Reward vouchers will be applied first to the hotel portion of the booking, then to the flight portion of your booking, less any taxes, fees or charges due on the booking. Please Note: Any amount of the voucher applied to the flight portion of the booking will be refunded to your credit card after your purchase is confirmed, usually within 10 business days. After you select your eligible hotel booking, use the "I have a voucher" link on the booking summary page, and apply the voucher to your booking. A Reward voucher can only be applied to one (1) vacation booking and one hotel room per booking. A Reward voucher cannot be used for booking multiple rooms on the same itinerary. Reward vouchers have no cash value. Reward vouchers may not be combined with or applied to any other certificates, upgrades, awards, or vouchers. All taxes, fees, charges, and surcharges applicable to the booking, including, without limitation, baggage fees, seat upgrades, extra person, parking, phone, and other charges that are applicable to the reservation are the responsibility of the traveler, and Reward vouchers cannot be applied to such amounts. Reward vouchers cannot be applied to the cost of cancellation or change penalties, prepaid reservations, administrative fees, or other miscellaneous charges. Voucher has no cash value. Void where prohibited by law.


No Expedia+ Point refunds will be issued for unused or expired Rewards vouchers.


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