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Double Expedia+ Points on Flights, Hotels & More ...

Book on the go and get real-time trip updates with the free Expedia App. Earn double Expedia+ points on hotels, package bookings (Hotel + Flight), flights, cars, and activities. See details. Not an Expedia+ member? Join now.

Top benefits of the Expedia App

Why use the app?

Save up to 40% with mobile-exclusive hotel deals.

Access your travel reservations all in one place.

Receive alerts for flight delays, gate changes and more.

Bundle Deals

Save up to 15% when you book your hotel and flight together!

Bundle Deals
Bundle Deals

Book your home away from home

Access thousands of verified reviews to help you find the best place to stay.

Book your home away from home
Book your home away from home

Fly wherever, whenever

Easily see flight options from hundreds of airlines to thousands of destinations.

Fly wherever, whenever
Fly wherever, whenever

Everything you need for your trip

Hit the road

Reserve return car hire from anywhere with no cancellation fee.

Explore your destination

Get tickets for tours, shows, theme parks, museums & more.

Reserve ground transfer

Arrange airport shuttles and private car services.

It's never been easier to get away

For every device, everywhere

Download the app for iOS, Android and Windows 10 on your smartphone or tablet.

app-every-device app-every-device


Learn more about the latest Expedia App features through our travel blog.

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