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Seongsan Ilchulbong which includes general coastal views, a coastal town and landscape views

Jeju Island Attractions

Known locally as the Island of the Gods, Jenju Island is a popular honeymoon destination, and it’s not hard to see why. With a wide range of activities that include scenic mountain hikes and horse riding, as well as gorgeous ocean sunrises and sunsets over its many sandy beaches, Jeju is an inherently romantic destination. The island also plays host to a lively selection of restaurants, cafes and bars, not to mention plenty of shopping destinations where you can indulge in all the honeymoon retail therapy your heart, or other half, desires.

Areas & Neighborhoods in Jeju Island

Jeju City — This is where you’ll land if you arrive by plane, and the perfect spot to unpack and let your hair down for a day or two before heading out to explore the island’s beauty spots. A great place to hit the bars and have a drink with friends and to sample the local cuisine at one of the city’s many restaurants.

Seongsan — A charming village on the east of Jeju Island, Seongsan has a plethora of delightful markets to capture your attention, as well as a variety of lovely seafood restaurants. The nightlife in Seongsan is pretty quiet, making it the perfect place to get some rest before setting out to explore the sights of Udo Island and the volcanic crater at Seongsan Ilchubong.

Udo Island — This island, though tiny, is nonetheless a place of intrigue and fascination. The island is formed entirely on a lava plateau, make it a rich and fertile farming land. And, with it being essentially a flatland, it’s also the perfect place to jump on your bike and head out for a leisurely ride.

Seogwipo — This southern part of Jeju is another tourist favourite and home to the famous Jungmun Resort. Here you will find a seashore of such striking beauty that it has become a favourite location for filmmakers and advertisers alike. Meanwhile the Yeomiji Arboretum is another site of beauty, albeit this time one designed by man, yet nonetheless boasting over 2000 rare plants in its greenhouse, and 1700 types of flowers and trees in its grounds.

Things to See in Jeju Island

Jeju boasts a surprisingly rich blend of heritage, culture and natural splendour. Jeju Mokgwana for example was once the administrative centre during the rule of the Joseon dynasty, and is home to a number of imposing historical buildings. It also plays host to regular displays of traditional martial arts, and visitors are also invited to try their hand at archery. The Arario Museum however is where you should head to explore some culture. With four galleries that host both permanent and temporary exhibitions from local and international artists, the museum is a real find for art lovers. And the Halla Arboretum offers nature fans the chance to wander serene footpaths through curated gardens and greenhouses.

Things to Do in Jeju Island

Serious hikers will want to tackle Hallasan, South Korea's highest peak and one of three UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites on Jeju Island. For something a little different however, the Kimyoung hedge maze is a Jeju-shaped puzzle for you to get lost in. And with horse riding and scuba diving also available on the island, you’ll have no shortage of things to do on your stay.

Top things to do in Jeju Island

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Top places to visit

1. Seongsan Ilchulbong

Also known as ‘Sunrise Peak’, Seonsang Ilchulbong is revered by locals and tourists for its early morning views. It’s an easy walk to the top of the former volcano, where the vistas across the island and over the ocean are breathtaking at any time of day. Take a seat beside the gaping crater and cast your eyes east to watch the sun creep up over the ocean and turn the sky a burning red.
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Take the easy walk to the top of this volcanic crater for some of the best views on the island.

2. Hamdeok Beach

Nothing says holiday like spending a lazy day at Hamdeok Beach, a popular beach in Hamdeok. While you're in the area, stroll along the seaside.
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Nothing says holiday like spending a lazy day at Hamdeok Beach, a popular beach in Hamdeok. While you're in the area, stroll along the seaside.

3. Hallasan National Park

Spend a day exploring the peaks of South Korea’s tallest mountain in Hallasan National Park. Admire panoramic views of the countryside of Jeju, see huge crater lakes and observe colorful flora. Inaugurated as South Korea’s ninth national park in 1970, Hallasan National Park has since been named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site.
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Spot some of the thousands of animal and plant species while hiking the trails that traverse the foothills of a mountain dominating the center of the island of Jeju.

4. Hyeopjae Beach

On an island famous for its pretty beach resorts, Hyeopjae Beach stands out as one of Jeju’s finest. Fragments of crushed seashells blend with soft sand to create a brilliant white-hued, curving bay. Crystalline waters lap at the shore, inviting you to cool off from the summer sunshine. Spend a day or two here to enjoy coastal walks and a laidback ambiance.
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Calm, shallow water, fine white sand and dramatic sunsets make this beach one of the most popular summer destinations on the west coast of Jeju.

5. Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market

Feed your desire to sample authentic Korean cuisine and feast your eyes upon abundant delicacies at Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market. Home to everything from bakers and butchers to fishmongers and fresh produce traders, Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market is a must-see for those interested in the culinary scene of Jeju Island.
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Let your senses guide you as you wander between dozens of food stands and interact with traders at this lively and colorful market.

6. Seopjikoji

Seopjikoji is one of Jeju Island’s most popular spots thanks to its sweeping coastal views, serene countryside and year round accessibility.
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The cliff path at Seopjikoji takes in rugged ocean scenery and serene countryside, making it the ideal place for a romantic stroll any time of year.

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