Top Cities in Saskatchewan

Pocket Guide: Saskatchewan

The Land of the Living Skies is the heart of the Canadian prairie – flowing, rolling landscapes that are punctuated by vibrant forests, sparkling sand dunes and a lake that is saltier than the Dead Sea. Saskatchewan is known as the land of seed and honey, due to the endless number of wheat farms in this landlocked province. Outdoor activities are the name of the game in Saskatchewan. Camping, tramping, hunting, fishing and adventures of all kinds can be found from a Saskatchewan hotel. Dig a little and you’ll find native Canadian communities, wolf packs and even bootleggers’ caves.

Top Saskatchewan Hotel Locations

Saskatoon — Nearly a quarter of the province’s 1 million population live in Saskatoon, known as the City of Bridges as there are six along the length of the South Saskatchewan River. Originally founded as a ‘dry’ alcohol-free city, Saskatoon is now home to some of the finest restaurants and pubs – and hotels – in central Canada.

Regina — The second biggest city in Saskatchewan is the provincial capital and is the place to see prairie politics in action. You’ll also find the Royal Canadian Mounted Police academy here so watch out for the Mounties in action. There are museums by the dozen and an enormous number of parks with more than any other major city in Canada. Downtown Regina is packed with restaurants of all cuisines and comfy hotels.

Moose Jaw — This border town is Saskatchewan’s rebellious child and a big draw for visitors. The former railway outpost was used by Al Capone as a whisky-smuggling den during the prohibition era of the United States and ‘Little Chicago’ was notorious for its corruption. Now it’s famous for the remains of Capone’s hideout and its art deco buildings – and there’s some pretty good hotels to boot.

<pNorthern Saskatchewan — The northern half of the province is the place to find the countless trees of the famous boreal forest. This is the place to find the wilderness – beyond Prince Albert National Park there is little in the way of human habitation. Treks, rivers and several fantastic lakes are great rewards for the trip up north.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Saskatchewan

The natural wonders of Saskatchewan can be found all over the province but there are plenty to be seen near the main cities. Check out Meewasin Valley, a long nature reserve centred on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, which starts at Saskatoon. The Wanuskewin Heritage Park is the place to see some of the 7,000 years of history of Canada’s First Nations. Check out the salt waters of Little Manitou Lake and stroll around the Wascana Centre in Regina, where you’ll find city residents including mink, moose and beavers.

Trace Al Capone’s footsteps in the Tunnels of Moose Jaw and take a tour to find out about the fascinating history of Canada. Then head to RCMP Heritage Centre to see what the crime-fighting Mounties are all about. You’ll find dozens of places to go hiking or trekking, whether on foot, horseback, motorbike or even snowmobiling. If you didn’t pack a fishing rod, there are lots of places to hire one to sit beside one of the 100,000 lakes in Saskatchewan. Don’t miss the museums either – the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Deep South Pioneer Museum and the Ukrainian museum of Canada are all worth a visit.