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The Greek island of Crete is one of the best-loved holiday destinations in the world, popular with backpackers, honeymooners and anyone who is simply seeking a good tan. This large island is also excellent for a road trip. If you’re visiting Crete to stay in the city of Heraklion – renowned for its excellent museums and lively café scene – you’ll find plenty of opportunities to hire an affordable rental vehicle. Read on to find out more about your car hire options in Heraklion, or start your booking journey today using the Expedia search tool.

Hire a Car at Heraklion Airport

Crete is served by three different airports: Chania International, Heraklion International and Sitia. Flying into Heraklion Airport is the easiest way to reach Heraklion. You will find it effortless to book direct flights during the peak summer months. It’s also plain sailing to pick up a rental vehicle at Heraklion Airport, which is home to several different car hire agencies, such as Budget and Europcar. Once you have acquired your rental vehicle, you can drive to the centre of Heraklion in just 10 minutes by heading west on Leof. Ikarou road.

Hire a Car in Heraklion

For passengers who have travelled to Heraklion by ferry, or those who would rather hire a vehicle outside of the airport, there are various car rental agencies in the city that can help you. Several can be found along Leof. Ikarou road, which connects the airport to the city. Others can be found in the historic centre, with the majority clustered close to the harbour. Driving in the city should be fairly straightforward, but remember that Heraklion is the fifth largest city in Greece – the roads can be busy and the parking competitive. Booking accommodation that offers free parking is recommended.

Explore Heraklion by Car

There’s a lot to see and do in Heraklion, and having your own car makes less central attractions much more accessible. Start your trip with a visit to the historic centre, where you can wander through the Archaeological Museum, snap photos of the Heraklion Fortress and marvel at the Church of Saint Titus. Further out of the centre, you can reach the Bethlehem Gate and the grave of the acclaimed Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis by car without any problems. Head out to the Pankritio Stadium, to the west, and historic Knossos Palace, by driving south on Leof. Knosou road for four miles.

Driving Routes Around Crete

After checking out all the attractions of Heraklion, you’ll be free to venture further afield and explore the rest of the island by car. You can visit picturesque Chania and its colourful Venetian Harbour by driving west along the coastal motorway for 90 miles. In the other direction lies the popular beach resort of Malia, where you can sunbathe, socialise and go clubbing all night. Southwest of Heraklion, you can indulge your inner adventurer (and snap some fantastic photos) by climbing Mount Ida, Crete’s highest peak.

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