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The Mediterranean limestone island of Capri has been visited through the ages by intellectuals, artists and writers charmed by its enchanting beauty. A holiday in Capri is a blend of history, nature, culture and events, which has made it renowned over the years. The island is one of the most famous destinations for international tourism. It measures 10 square km, 4 km in the municipality of Capri and 6 km in the municipality of Anacapri. Easily and quickly reachable by sea from Naples and the Sorrentine Coast, the island is a gateway to beautiful scenery and a cordial atmosphere.

How do you get to Capri?

Mount Tiberio to the east and Mount Solaro to the west are the island's highest points. Between them lies Capri, with Marina Grande to the north and Marina Piccola to the south. Anacapri, the other town, lies in a green expanse west of Mount Solaro. Unlike other islands in the Gulf of Naples, Capri is not a volcanic island, but a mass of limestone sediment. It's one of the richest Italian lands in terms of flora and fauna. The island is populated by extraordinary species, like the Wandering Albatross and the extremely rare blue Faraglioni Lizard.

Holidays in Capri are synonymous with crystalline waters and unspoiled landscapes. If you have the opportunity, tour the entire island in search of breathtaking views and panoramas. A great starting place is the Natural Arch in Pizzolungo, the remains of a huge natural cave in the mountain. From there, a staircase crosses the surrounding valley to the Matermania Cave, a grandiose natural cave that was transformed into a luxurious Nymphaeum in Roman times. Nearby, following a trail that winds along the crags lining the coast, you'll reach Villa Malaparte, built atop Punta Massullo.

You can reach another unforgettable spot, Belvedere Cannone, starting out on Via Madre Serafina, one of Capri's oldest roads. Located behind the Church of Santo Stefano, the road offers a great impression of how the town once looked. Heading along Via Cannone, you can take a pleasant stroll with views of the town below. You reach a significant height, but the walk is not at all difficult and leads you to Punta Cannone with its observation terrace.

The massive summit of Mount Solaro provides a spectacular view of the island, the Gulf of Naples, Salerno and out towards Ischia. The top can be reached by cable car from Piazza Vittoria or on foot along a trail. Either way, a visit to the hermitage of Cetrella is a must, clinging to a natural stone balcony with incredible views.

A boat ride around the island is also essential. Starting from Marina Grande, you'll head east past the Marina Grande beach and the Bagni di Tiberio. The next stretch of coast has crevices and caves crowned by rich native vegetation, leading to the famous Blue Grotto. Continuing westward, you'll reach Rio Cove and Tombosiello Cove before rounding the Punta Carena Lighthouse and moving towards a series of lovely caves, from the Saints Grotto to the Green Grotto, with their enchanting tricks of light and colour. The tour continues to Punta di Tragara, where you'll find the Faraglioni rocks, and then to the little Tragara harbour. The solitary cliff just in front is called Monacone. Remnants of Roman buildings fed the legend that Masgaba, emperor Octavian Augustus' African architect, was buried here.

By land or by sea, exploring this splendid Mediterranean island is a joy. If you can't wait to admire these natural wonders first-hand, take advantage of the holiday packages to Capri and let yourself be captivated by its timeless charm.

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Things to do in Capri

Capri’s principle harbor in the north of the island is a picturesque seaside resort with ancient ruins to explore.

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