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Known for Dining, Friendly People and Relaxing

If you’re looking for a remote getaway, then the town of Ballybofey in Donegal is a great place to visit. Located on the west coast of Ireland, Donegal is one of Ireland's most remote counties. Its deep lakes and untouched mountain ranges make it a popular destination with hikers and lovers of the outdoors.

How do you get to Ballybofey?

Situatedon the River Finn – roaring upstream, and slower downstream – Ballybofeyis in the prime location for keen anglers. Combine its fishing with a fantasticrange of natural attractions, shopping, culture and great places to stay, and Ballybofeymakes an idyllic getaway for those wanting to explore everything on offer in CountyDonegal.

Historyin BallybofeyBallybofeyhas its origins as a market town and was once a part of the 18thcentury Glenmore Estate. During the 19th and 20thcenturies, the town experienced a fast rate of growth. While the nearbyGlenmore Estate manor house was demolished in the 1990s, the town continued toprosper, and today it is a popular riverside retreat. It is unusual for anIrish town in that it has neither a church nor a school.

Ballybofey’sDrumboe WoodsIt’snot often you’ll find woodland so untouched by city life, but Ballybofey’sDrumboe Woods remain unscathed. Though not large, this riversidewoodland area is a prime example of how stunning Ireland can be. Home to manyspecies of wildflower, as well as rabbits, badgers, hedgehogs and threeprotected species of bat, you’ll discover that a trip to the DrumboeWoods feels a little like stepping into Wind in the Willows.

Balleybofey’s River FinnAs a prime fishing and beauty spot, the River Finnattracts anglers from all over Europe. Here you can enjoy the rippling watersof the river, bounded by the lush foliage of the Finn Valley. It boasts excellentsalmon and trout populations, and has areas of fishing perfect for both novicesand anglers. Since the river operates a ‘catch and release’ policy, a trip herewill do no harm to the environment.

Golf in BallybofeyIffishing isn’t your thing, the nearby Ballybofey &Stranorlar Golf Club is the perfect place to enjoy theIrish countryside whilst practicing your swing. You can enjoy the warmestwelcome in its top-notch clubhouse, built in keeping with the rolls of thenearby hills and the Finn Valley. Set in a mature parkland area, the fairwaysoffer stunning views over the nearby LoughAllen and BluestackMountain range.

Culture in BallybofeyYou could also check out the local arts scene atthe Balor Arts Centre, overlooking the River Finn in central Ballybofey.Rural though the town may be, this arts centre and theatre is modern both in itsevents and its architectural splendour. Promising a year round programme ofcomedy, drama, music, exhibitions and more, you’re certain to find a memorableshow.

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