Where to Go in March

By the time March comes around Easter is coming into view and you’ll be trying to decide between booking an early March holiday to beat the rush, or a later one to coincide with the Easter holidays. Amongst our March holidays you’ll find the opportunity to visit quaint little islands with a loved one, embark upon the first great family adventure of the year, or immerse yourself in some of the world’s most magical cities.

March Holidays

We have holidays for the families who like to share a travel experience, for the beach bums who just want to see the sun and for the city slickers who like to discover the world's urban gems. If you don't wish to stray too far from home soil, we offer beach holidays or city breaks in the UK and some of the most glorious shores of Europe, from London to Barcelona.

However, if you're aching for sunny climes that carry you beyond Europe on a long haul beach holiday, you can cross the Atlantic and get a golden tan on the coastline of Miami or Cancun. Families looking for their next adventure can experience the joys of 'Frisco (San Francisco) or enjoy a new world of culture in Tokyo. And if you don't have the kids in tow but would still like a jet-setting city break, our - or rather your - choice of destinations includes the mighty Chicago in Illinois and Hong Kong.

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March holiday destinations

A Channel Islands holiday will take you to the islands of Jersey or Guernsey for a taste of British scenery at its most sublime. Take a boat out into the sea and plunge into the blue waters. Equally beautiful is a stay in Paphos, on the southwest coast of the island of Cyprus. The blend of beaches and historical sites make this a cultured beach destination.

Out in Southeast Asia, the sea and sun of Phuket, Thailand, will delight the more adventurous sun worshipper. Paradise Beach, in Patong, lives up to its name. This small, sheltered bay has retained its natural beauty. Surrounded by rocks, you can sunbathe in peace on this amazing beach.

Families should head to Italy to see the Colosseum, the ancient gladiatorial arena of Roman times. Other places of interest in Rome include the Sistine Chapel, famous for its intricately painted ceilings, and the Galleria Borghese, where you can see Renaissance art.

Kids will love the opportunity San Francisco provides them with to boast about walking or cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge. They'll also leap at the chance to visit the notorious Alcatraz Island - and never fear, you'll be able to leave the infamous prison freely, rather than having to concoct a plan to escape.

Tokyo has played a part in such movie epics as Kill Bill: Volume One and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, making it something of a must visit destination for film buffs looking for a long haul city break. A little less far, Budapest will more than meet your city break requirements too. The Széchenyi Baths are especially unique, as they consist of 15 indoor swimming pools and 3 outdoor ones, and since the baths contain warm water they're open the whole year round.

Not sure which places are best to visit at certain times of the year? Give our 'Where to Go' tool a try. We'll work that out for you so you can pick the most suitable holiday.

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