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Introduction to Singapore

Singapore boasts one of the most cosmopolitan and advanced cities in south-east Asia. In spite of this, there are still centuries old festivals and celebrations throughout the year. You will also find the city something of a cultural mosaic, made up of English, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Arab traditions.

This fusion is reflected in everything from its architecture to its food: the city absorbs influences from those who have made it their home. Singapore package holidays are a great way to immerse yourself in one of the most exciting holiday destinations on the planet.

Best Places to Visit

A visit to the Botanic Gardens should feature as part of any holiday to Singapore. A UNESCO site, the gardens offer a peaceful and tranquil environment in which to explore and admire a whole spectrum of tropical plants from around the world. Visit the Gardens early in the morning and you may find Singaporeans participating in Tai Chi. Feel free to join in; many of the classes are open to anyone!

Not too far away you will find the famous Orchard Road. This road is the reason many people take their holidays to Singapore. It is packed with sleek stores selling the very latest in digital tech, designer clothing and contemporary furniture. This is a must for any shoppers in your group.

Top Landmarks

Singapore is studded with famous monuments and landmarks, but the most well-known of them all must be the Singapore Merlion. The half-fish-half-lion statue stands at 28 feet tall and is used as a national mascot of Singapore. The water-spouting mythical beast symbolises Singapore’s origins as a humble fishing village. ‘Singapura’ translates from the Malay as ‘the lion city’.

For something more recent, head over to the Helix Bridge: a bridge designed to mimic the structure of DNA and the first double-helix bridge of its kind anywhere in the world.

Entertainment in Singapore

Singapore deals for the whole family include some of the best theme parks in the world. The Universal Studios theme park is a must-visit for little ones. Let children burn off some energy on the adrenaline-fuelled rides; take in a show or two; and explore all the movie-themed attractions.

You will find that nightlife on Singapore package holidays doesn’t have to be all about bars and cocktails. The Night Safari zoo is the world’s first nocturnal zoo, where visitors can take a tram ride through various habitats and see creatures for whom dusk is the start of the day.

However, if you have decided that the city’s nightlife is what you want as part of package holidays in Singapore, you will be spoilt for choice. Restaurants serving Malay, Chinese and Indian food are served from street-side stalls to fine-dining restaurants.

If the club scene appeals, Zouk and Attica tend to be where those in the know go to kick up their heels. With so much to see and do, no two Singapore breaks are ever the same!

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Need to know


With such a diverse population, it might come as no surprise that Singapore has more than one official language. Fly to Singapore and you can expect to hear Malay, Tamil and Mandarin spoken. However, English is also recognised as an official language and you’ll hear it more than any other. There is a patois hybrid of English and Singaporean, known as ‘Singlish’.


The Singapore dollar is the official currency of Singapore. To get the best exchange rates, you should change your sterling before you go on holiday. If you do run out of money, there are ATMs peppered throughout the city. However, bear in mind that these may surcharge you for currency conversion.

All major credit cards are widely accepted.


If your Singapore holiday lasts less than 30 days, you won’t need a visa. However, if you intend on visiting other regions beyond Singapore, you need to be sure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the time of your visit. You should also check whether you need any visas for extra territories.


Those taking a flight to Singapore in the hope of getting some sunshine will be well rewarded. Given its equatorial position, Singapore enjoys hot weather throughout the year, with little or no distinction between the seasons. Temperatures average around 31°C, with the mercury dropping slightly in December and January. Sun worshippers should head to Singapore from April to May, when the sun is at its hottest.

What most travellers don’t expect is the level of humidity! Singapore’s climate is very humid, but the rainy season clears the air a little from September to the end of the year.

Main Airports

Seletar and Changi are the two main airports serving international flights to Singapore. Of the two, Changi is the busiest, and has been rated the World’s Best Airport 2017. It handles over 66 million passengers each year.

Changi International Airport has three main terminals. There is also a luxury terminal that is accessible for a small surcharge.

The Changi Airport Skytrain ferries passengers between each of the three terminals. At the airport, you will find excellent restaurants, superb duty-free shopping and comfortable lounges.

Flight Options

Singapore is well connected to the rest of the world, and a direct flight to Singapore from London typically takes around 13 hours. Flights with stop offs along the way can take a lot longer. If you are in any doubt, check with your airline before booking your Singapore holidays.

Other Advice

Getting to Singapore from Changi International Airport should take little more than 25 minutes. There are plenty of taxis at the airport but, if you’d rather make it under your own steam, there are car hire companies to hand.

Although the airport recommends you check-in at least two hours before you’re due to fly, there are also facilities to check-in 24 hours in advance, helping to reduce waiting time.


Buses are integral to life in Singapore, offering convenient and cost-effective transport across the country. If you decide to use the public buses, you will need to buy a smartcard to pay your fare. These cost in the region of $12 and hold up to $7 in fare. They can be topped up at the machines provided at bus stations.

While it is possible to pay with cash, you will need to have the exact fare, as Singapore buses do not give change.


With taxis at every turn, getting a cab in Singapore shouldn’t present a problem. If you don’t fancy hailing one from the roadside, you can book in advance by telephone. There are also apps available, allowing you to make reservations in advance and online.

Many Singaporean taxi drivers speak English.


There are no trams in Singapore.

Rail Services

Trains in Singapore still play second fiddle to the buses, but they do offer a clean, comfortable and convenient way to travel long distances. Ticket costs are relatively cheap and you could find yourself travelling as far as Thailand, for as little as $80.

The main rail service used by the public is the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Its network comprises of five lines and is the fastest way to see many of Singapore’s attractions – most of which are just a short stroll from an MRT station.

While it’s possible to buy tickets for single trips, the MRT operates a similar smartcard service as the buses. The cards are a good option if you’re planning on using the trains regularly.



  1. There is a ‘Hug Me’ Coca-Cola vending machine at the University of Singapore.
  2. The Singaporean national anthem can be found, in micro-text, on the back of the $1000 bill.
  3. The Night Safari Zoo is the world’s first nocturnal zoo.
  4. The Fountain of Wealth is listed by the Guinness Book of Records (1998) as the largest fountain in world. You can find it in Suntec City..


  1. There is a ‘Hug Me’ Coca-Cola vending machine at the University of Singapore.
  2. The Singaporean national anthem can be found, in micro-text, on the back of the $1000 bill.
  3. The Night Safari Zoo is the world’s first nocturnal zoo.
  4. The Fountain of Wealth is listed by the Guinness Book of Records (1998) as the largest fountain in world. You can find it in Suntec City..

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