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  • Minorca Luxury holidays

    Minorca is the smaller sibling of Majorca in the Balearic Islands, named for its size, but by no means lacking in its appeal as a holiday destination. Its pace of life is a little slower than elsewhere in the Balearics, but that only enhances its allure as a relaxing retreat, where you can while away the sunny days by the pool or on one of the island's many tranquil beaches. A true gem for a break not only in the peak season, but all year round, and for holidaymakers of all ages and interests.

    Walk your way around Minorca

    In recent years, Minorca's coastal resorts have been joined by a complete circular footpath route around the very edge of the island. This tracking inland is only where necessary to skirt coves and inlets, some of which have been bridged to avoid a longer detour. Even if you only walk to the next resort and back, it's a great way to see cliffs and beaches you might otherwise miss, with the added confidence of being on a clearly marked route. Boardwalks are also put in place to avoid damaging the sand dunes.

    Try Minorca's gin and lemon

    Minorca is distinctly Spanish, with very few remaining signs of its previous British rule during the 1700s. One lasting remnant of the British influence, however, is the islanders' love of gin, which has become the recognised drink of choice on Minorca. It is typically served with bitter lemon soda, and can even be bought from street carts during the festival season. Tart, cool and refreshing, it is well worth trying - even if you ordinarily don't enjoy the flavour of gin.

    When should I visit Minorca?

    The peak season is at the height of su/mmer, and particularly during the school holidays when many of the resorts are geared towards family-friendly activities. However, the warm, dry climate is perfect for a term-time visit too, especially if you are not travelling with children. Even in the early spring and late autumn, you can expect a warm welcome in your resort, although certain entertainment and other amenities might not be running at full capacity well outside of the peak tourist season. For many people this adds to the island's atmosphere, as you regularly have the chance to walk its streets and beaches without seeing anybody else at all - your own private piece of paradise for the duration of your stay.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays offer lavish living and convenience, all at your fingertips. If you want to catch the morning sunrise from your opulent living area, you can. If it’s rural charm you’re after, experience old world style in your luxury 18th century hotel. With a luxury holiday you can be assured of the perfect getaway. While an additional cost comes with this privilege, it’s always worth every penny. Minorca offers that peaceful and relaxing setting that so many holidaymakers want from their luxury holiday. While there’s not much in terms of nightlife, there’s plenty to enjoy outdoors plus the rustic charm the region’s so famous for.

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