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    The north-westerly Canary Island, La Palma, is one of the smallest in the archipelago, ranking fifth out of seven according to its land area. It is a four-mile high volcanic formation, although all but the top 8,000 feet of this is submerged beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The vast Caldera de Taburiente is the island's major landmark and is also a national park, although reaching it is relatively difficult and can only be achieved on foot - the caldera marks the former summit of the volcano, which collapsed inwardly about 500 millennia ago.

    La Isla Bonita

    La Palma's attraction to holidaymakers is largely its aesthetic. Its name, literally meaning the Island of Palms –refers to its stunning rolling landscape, with locals also referring to it as Isla Bonita, meaning Beautiful Island. Some of the most diverse plant life in the entire archipelago is found here, and there are even modern-day sightings of the La Palma giant lizard, an endemic species that was believed to be extinct - and is still considered to exist in small numbers.

    Tracing La Palma's water routes

    Water is a scarce resource on the island, and much of the precipitation falls over areas of high altitude, or condenses on the leaves of the island's plant life. Eventually it finds its way into the rock - and a combination of tunnels and aqueducts carry it to the populated areas. You need special permission to visit the underground water tunnels, but the aqueducts are easy to find and many tourists take a trip to see the water where it is carried above ground.

    When should I visit La Palma?

    La Palma's principal climate is similar to the rest of the Canary Islands, with quite hot summers and very warm winters - close to 20°C even in the coldest months, and up to the high 20s during the warmest days of the summer. Very high temperatures close to 40°C have been recorded in the past, not just in July-September but also temperatures over 36°C in April. The island's position makes it prone to be affected by the weather coming in from the Atlantic to the west, and this means there is often rather more cloud cover than elsewhere in the Canaries.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays boast the best in service, leaving you with happy memories you’ll never forget. If you want a room with beautiful black sand views, just pop in your request. If it’s delicious tapas and fresh fare you’re after, then feel free to indulge in a little culinary luxury at your upscale hotel. With a luxury holiday, you pick accommodation and a location to suit you. There’s no settling for second best; staying in luxury will always be worth it. La Palma is one of the Canaries quietest islands – but that's where its appeal lies. Instead of pubs and clubs, you’ll find Mediterranean-influenced beauty all around plus national parks and beaches.

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