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  • Canary Islands Luxury holidays

    An idyllic archipelago with an equatorial climate, the Canary Islands are the perfect destination if you want to travel a little further from home, without spanning too many time zones. In fact, although they are located slightly to the west of the Western European Time zone's official longitude, the Canaries are treated as being part of that zone, meaning you shouldn't even need to change your watch on arrival.

    Take it to the limit on the Canary Islands

    The Canary Islands may be off the coast of Morocco, but they are still part of Spain, and that means that the four and a half hour flight will take you to one of the furthest reaches of the European Union. Once there, you have a choice of several main islands, including Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, as well as a number of smaller islands that complete the archipelago.

    On the islands, you can expect a largely Spanish experience, making them a good alternative to the Balearics or the Costa del Sol for a beach resort holiday; however, the Canaries have their own personalities and pace of life, from the nightlife of Tenerife to the relaxation of Gran Canaria.

    The Canary Islands - always unique

    Enjoy each of the Canary Islands in its own right, with diverse landscapes and activities on each one. On Tenerife, Mount Teide - the world's third-tallest volcano - is a constant presence on the horizon, and keen geologists and astronomers alike can take a trip up for a closer look at its structure, and at the clear skies visible from near to its summit. An ideal antidote to the bustling nightlife found in Tenerife's tourist areas, for a holiday with real contrast.

    Gran Canaria has its own distinctive landscape, in the form of the rolling sand dunes of Maspalomas. Dine at one of the neighbouring beachfront restaurants for stunning views across the crisp clean sands, before trekking across the dunes to experience this desert-like expanse for yourself.

    When should I visit the Canary Islands?

    The Canary Islands have a very consistent climate, making them a good destination for warmth and sunshine all year round, but particularly in the late summer and into the autumn months. Temperatures average in the low to mid-20°C from May onwards, right through until September, October and even November.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays in the Canary Islands are all about you. If you feel like enjoying a Sangria in front of the shimmering Atlantic, your luxury hotel will make it happen, and if your heart is set on a room with a view of a pristine beach, they’ll arrange that too. Paying a little extra for a luxury package is a smart move in the Canary Islands, and don’t forget, you can be pampered as much or as little as you like during your stay. The Canary Islands offer luxury, relaxation and a chance to unwind in the sun without a care. And while you certainly won’t have a mountain view from your room, you will have incredible landscapes to explore, delicious cuisine to sample, and that traditional warm and friendly welcome that the Canaries offer to all visitors.

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