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  • Balearic Islands Luxury holidays

    The Balearic Islands offer an alternative to mainland Spain for luxury holidays with a Mediterranean climate. Active nightlife, sandy beaches and clear waters combine to create a destination suitable for travellers of all ages, from younger groups to older couples and families.

    Hop around the Balearic Islands

    The archipelago has four main islands: Majorca and Minorca, named for their large and small size respectively: Ibiza, famed for its nightlife and tourist-friendly resorts; and Formentera, whose sandy beaches have attracted holidaymakers since the mid-20th century. Each has its own personality and culture, with Ibiza generally perceived as more of a party destination, and Minorca's resorts typically more tranquil. However, any of the islands can also offer a mix of different activities and paces of life.

    In terms of culture, the Balearics are very much a part of Spain, and if you have been to mainland Spanish resorts, you should feel at home on the islands. Expect a mix of local cuisine, including paella and other seafood dishes, along with English favourites for homesick tourists. A further British impact on Balearic life is the popularity of gin on Minorca, where it is served with bitter lemon soda, particularly during the festivals.

    Bask on the Balearic Islands

    The Balearic Islands offer a Mediterranean climate, bathed in the warmth of the sea which in turn is suRounded by the mainland of Europe and North Africa. You should find only slight variation between the different islands, with a year-round average temperature of about 18°C. In the winter months this drops to around 12°C, while the summertime sees temperatures in the high 20s.

    For warmer weather still, head to Ibiza in the summer months, when the average highs can often pass 30°C and the records are closer to 40°C. Even in the winter, Ibiza stays a few degrees warmer at 15-16°C or above.

    When should I visit the Balearic Islands?

    If you are visiting Minorca, then the annual festival season is the ideal time to take in a fiesta. These are held on weekends from the springtime right the way through the summer, in different towns and villages across the island, and it should be easy to reach them on public transport. With the steady Mediterranean climate though, all of the islands offer year-round sunshine and warm temperatures for summer tanning or a winter escape.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays on the Balearic Islands are all about you, and nothing else. If you want to sip a Minorca gin while the sun sets over the sea, your luxury hotel will make it happen, and if you want a room overlooking one of the islands’ stunning beaches, they’ll arrange that too. Paying a bit of extra cash for luxury on the Balearic Islands is well worth it, and don’t forget that the kind of service you receive during your stay is entirely up to you. The Balearic Islands offer unforgettable luxury, and while you may not have mountains or city life on your doorstep, you will have some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful scenery to explore – and the meticulous approach to detail for which this unique destination is renowned. You also get the chance to discover one of the world's premier luxury destinations at your own pace.

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