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    Sicily is the Mediterranean's largest island, located just off the 'toe' of Italy's boot, and is an autonomous region of Italy in its own right. The two are separated by the Strait of Messina, measuring less than two miles in width at its naRowest point, and ultimately it is likely that the Strait will be bridged, although plans to do so have been shelved at several times in the past, keeping Sicily's roads and railways accessible via ferry for the time being.

    Feel the heat in Sicily

    Sicily's summer days aren't the only kind of heat on this geologically active island; it and its surrounding islets have several active volcanoes among them, including Mount Etna, Europe's largest active volcano. The peak is active enough that its official height varies by tens of metres at a time, depending on how recently an eruption has been recorded, and black ash is a common atmospheric feature on Sicily too. To put this into some context, Etna's base is nearly 90 miles around, whereas Vesuvius, on the mainland of Italy, is about two and a half times smaller. Etna also ranks as Italy's tallest peak, not counting the Alps in the extreme north of the country.

    Enjoy Sicily's cuisine in God's Kitchen

    On an island also often called God's Kitchen, you may feel compelled to sample the local cuisine, and there's plenty to try. The Mediterranean diet is everywhere, from olives and artichokes to seafood and citrus fruits, among a wealth of fruits and vegetables. The pastries are also a famous delicacy on Sicily, such as the local version of doughnuts, Braccilatte, and Cannoli, a kind of fried pastry tube filled with a ricotta cheese mixture. Cheese is a local ingredient in its own right, including the Sicilian Pecorino and Caciocavallo, and both cow's milk and sheep's milk are used to create the island's unique cheeses.

    When should I visit Sicily?

    The island is always warm, and often very hot. Unofficial records show Europe's highest-ever temperature of 48.5°C occurred on Sicily, in 1999, although the long-term averages are much lower than this. In July and August, the average highs are around 26°C, and the island stays comfortably into double figures throughout the winter on warmer days. Expect average temperatures to be several degrees warmer than the UK at any time of year, making Sicily a year-round option if you want to feel a little warmer, but not too hot.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    If you’ve never treated yourself to a luxury holiday, now’s the time to indulge. If you’ve always wanted to soak up Sicily’s stunning coastal views, your luxury hotel will make it happen. If it’s a plush night of wining and dining you’re dreaming of, make it happen. With a luxury holiday you can enjoy a tailor-made experience with all your needs in mind. That’s why paying that little bit extra makes sense. To many, Sicily is a luxury holiday destination boasting the best in Italian food and wine. And with attractions ranging from pristine beaches to ancient temples, you can enjoy a whole new experience every day of your stay.

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