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  • Amalfi Coast Luxury holidays

    The Amalfi Coast can be found on Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula, in the southern province of Salerno, and is often mentioned in the same breath as the town of Sorrento. It is famed for local delicacies including anchovies and the alcoholic digestif Limoncello, produced from locally grown lemons. A traditionally made paper, bambagina, is also among the typically Amalfi products, giving you an authentic option if you want to write a letter home that properly conveys the luxury of your surroundings during your break on the Amalfi Coast.

    A mix of culture on the Amalfi Coast

    With 50 km of the Sorrentine Peninsula to cover, from Salerno to Sorrento itself, there is plenty of variety as you head along the Amalfi Coast road, including more traditional pastel fishing villages and grand villas that stand alone in the spaces between the tourist resorts. Dotted with lemon groves and small vineyards, it's an elegant and idyllic location for a break of any duration.

    Lift your spirits on the Amalfi Coast

    Many parts of the Amalfi Coast will leave you feeling lifted not just spiritually, but physically too, with the coastal road offering spectacular clifftop views as it winds its way past small beaches and bays. One example is Arienzo, unofficially referred to as the 300 Steps Beach, and this is due to the route visitors must take down the cliff face to get to it. Once there, you can rent a lounger from the private resort that serves the beach, or there is also a free zone allowing you to take a swim and enjoy the dramatic views of the rocky coastline.

    When should I visit the Amalfi Coast?

    Summertime on the Amalfi Coast is pleasantly warm, and temperatures reach around the mid-20°C in July and August, which is the most popular period for sun seekers to visit the region. August in particular offers the most sunshine, not only in terms of the longest days, but also the clearest skies, and this is the time of year when the Amalfi Coast basks in the full warmth of the season. This is also true of the waters that suRound the coastline, which can reach an impressive 27°C - again in August - so even if you do not plan to take part in any watersports, it's worth dipping your toe in the water at least once during your stay in the area.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays on the Amalfi Coast are all about you. If you want a room overlooking a stunning beach, your luxury hotel will be able to make it happen, and if you feel like spending the afternoon in the sun with a glass of the finest local Limoncello, they’ll arrange that too. Everything you could ever want is provided on a luxury holiday on the Amalfi Coast, which is why it’s well worth parting with a little extra cash – and remember that the amount of pampering you receive is entirely up to you. While you may not have the conveniences of a large city during your stay, you will have one of Europe’s most spectacular coastlines on your doorstep and the traditional, attentive style of service for which Italians are renowned.

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