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    Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, located off the western coastline of Greece, and sometimes spelt Cephalonia, Kefallinia or Kephallenia. Its landscape is spectacular, given its size of just 300 square miles, and landmarks include Melissani Cave, whose small enclosed lake shines a bright turquoise when the sun reaches its highest point and its rays reach down the vertical shaft to the water's surface. Myrtos Beach is an equally dazzling destination, as sediment stirred up by the energy of the crashing waves gives the water along its shore a vivid turquoise hue too.

    Kefalonia Island - a long-kept secret

    Kefalonia Island is no newcomer to tourism in general, and the first holidaymakers started heading to its shores as early as the 1800s. By the start of the 1900s, the Greek royal family were fans of the island too, and their children would spend the summer months there. For British travellers though, Kefalonia has only been a popular holiday hotspot since the 1980s. You may also find a large number of Italian tourists there, as it is only a short hop from Italy itself.In recent years, Kefalonia's secret status has been shed somewhat, as the 2001 film version of Captain Corelli's Mandolin was shot on the island, bringing it to more widespread attention internationally.

    Rare sights on Kefalonia Island

    Kefalonia isn't just a haven for holidaymakers; you may also be able to see several species of rare and endangered wildlife during your stay. On the beaches of the southern coast, loggerhead turtles are known to nest, and these are perhaps the most famous of Kefalonia's endangered guests. You might have to try harder to see a Mediterranean monk seal though, as they often take advantage of the less accessible areas of the coast to stay out of human reach while raising their pups.

    When should I visit Kefalonia?

    Lows of 8-10°C throughout the winter months mean it's never too cold for a trip to Kefalonia, especially compared with the UK temperatures you'll be leaving behind. From December to March the daily average is around 12°C, and once spring arrives this quickly begins to rise. In the main summer season of July-August, temperatures average around 25°C and have been known to get closer to 30°C. These are also by far the driest months, whereas the period from November to February is the wetter season with around 100-150mm of rainfall in each month on average.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    A luxury holiday boasts so much more than sun, sea, and sand. If you want to tuck into sensational cuisine, you needn’t hold back. If relaxed evenings in the spa are your thing, why not take advantage of your luxury hotel’s fantastic amenities? With a luxury holiday, anything is possible. You’ll make memories to justify every single penny spent. Kefalonia Island’s appeal includes its friendly locals and its rugged charm. You’ll find crystal blue seas, unspoilt sandy beaches, and mountain villages bursting with culture. While many of the Greek Islands are beautiful, the landscape in Kefalonia has to be one of the best; it really is heart-stoppingly beautiful.

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