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  • Taba Luxury holidays

    Taba marks the northern end of Egypt's Red Sea Riviera, a popular destination for holidaymakers the world over, thanks to its combination of picturesque scenery, relatively unspoilt surroundings, favourable climate and warm bathing waters.

    Taba - a coming together of cultures

    Taba has been fiercely fought over during its history, as both Egypt and Israel occupied it at various different times; however, it has belonged plainly to Egypt since 1989, and an agreement with neighbouring Israel allows citizens to cross the border for visits of up to 14 days without the need for a visa, helping to add to the number of tourists in Taba at any one time.

    Although the resort is one of many on the Red Sea Riviera, this does not mean that the coastline is overdeveloped - in fact, strict laws protect the landscape and wildlife on the shore and in the sea. Several of the locations along the coast are designated as national parks or are subject to other specific protections, contributing to the natural beauty that continues to bring visitors to Taba and the resorts to its south.

    Experience Asian Egypt in Taba

    Taba's location on the Sinai Peninsula places it in the Asian part of Egyptian territory - only the peninsula falls within the confines of the continent, whereas the rest of Egypt is located in Africa. Sinai's Egyptian name translates as 'the land of turquoise', but although it has a long history of being associated with mineral deposits, the modern-day economy for the peninsula as a whole is based around tourism and the appeal of everything from the religious buildings on shore, to the coral reefs along the coast.

    When should I visit Taba?

    The best time of year to visit Taba depends on the temperatures you want to experience, and from June to September the daily averages are likely to exceed 30°C, with average highs closer to 40°C. The record highs for the summer months are 46-47°C, and although this heat is unlikely on any given day, you should be aware that it is possible.

    Any time between March and November, daytime temperatures over 20°C are quite likely, so a springtime or autumn visit is an alternative if you want to avoid the hottest days. Even during the winter, the average day is around 15-17°C, making Taba a great option for a winter sun escape.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    With luxury holidays offering cut-above service, exclusive experiences, and added extras, it’s no wonder they’re so popular. If you want to escape to the sun in winter, you can with a luxury holiday destination. If you want a room moments away from the beach, your beachfront hotel will make it happen. With a luxury holiday all your dreams can become a reality. By paying that little bit extra, you can enjoy a lavish stay complete with extra extravagance. Taba is one of Egypt’s most opulent resorts. Although smaller than Sharm El Sheikh, the surroundings here are breath-taking. Furthermore, luxury holidays in Taba offer both laid-back beaches for sun worshippers and under-the-sea adventures for marine enthusiasts.

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