Luxury holidays in Sharm El Sheikh

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  • Sharm El Sheikh Luxury holidays

    Sharm el-Sheikh translates as Bay of the Sheikh, although in English its unofficial nickname is the City of Peace. It has played host to a large number of peace conferences over the years, and its clear waters are calm all year round, a further example of how this popular tourist destination lives up to its billing. The waters of the Red Sea are among its main attractions, both for watersports enthusiasts such as snorkellists and scuba divers, and for those with an interest in the 1,000 species of fish that live among its 250 coral reefs.

    Easy entry to Sharm el-Sheikh

    EU and US nationals can travel more easily to Sharm el-Sheikh than to other parts of Egypt, and for visits of up to 14 days there should be no need for a visa. Instead, you will be asked to complete a card on arrival at the resort, as well as a second one before you go through passport control on departure. If your stay is short enough, you shouldn't need a visa unless you plan to travel outside of the resort itself - so don't join the queue to buy a visa at the airport when you arrive, unless you expect to need one.

    Visit Naama Bay

    For a relaxing excursion during your visit to Sharm el-Sheikh, plan a trip to Naama Bay, a natural bay just to the north of the main resort, which is a frequent hub for tourists during their time in Sharm. The attractions here are based largely around food and drink, including restaurants and cafes, as well as hotels for those who are staying in Naama itself, and bazaars - traditional enclosed market squares bustling with traders - where you can pick up a few souvenirs for yourself or as gifts for loved ones back home.

    When should I visit Sharm el-Sheikh?

    Sharm el-Sheikh has high temperatures but low humidity - around 35-45 per cent all year - and this can make the heat more comfortable for many people, compared with more humid locations. The average high in the summer months is around 37C, while in the winter it is a more agreeable 21-23°C. Visit during the spring or autumn for the best chance of temperatures in the 25-30°C range and an experience not dissimilar to a hot British summer day.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays open your eyes to brand new experience and cultures. If you want to try out the local cuisine, you can. If it’s beach and sea adventures you’re after, you’ll find options aplenty at your luxury resort. With a luxury holiday, all the stresses and hassles usually associated with planning a holiday are taken away. By paying that little extra, you’ll have all the assurance and pampering you need to enjoy your stay. Sharm el-Sheikh offers beautiful beaches and excellent watersports activities so commonly associated with luxury holidays. Even though you may not venture out of your resort, you’ll find plenty to enjoy on-site in your own private piece of paradise.

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