Family holidays in Majorca

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  • Majorca Family holidays

    Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, Spain's ever-popular tourist hotspot in the Mediterranean Sea, and British families have been enjoying its beautiful climate and beaches for generations. With family holidays in Majorca you benefit from activities and entertainment to keep the kids busy, leaving mum and dad free to take it easy for a while and enjoy the Mediterranean sun. Different hotels offer different family packages, from contests and competitions around the pool in the daytime to complete kids' clubs that last all day, so you can decide how long you spend looking after your children.

    Big in the Balearics

    Around 25 million people fly to Majorca each year, and its permanent population is the second highest of all the Spanish islands, beaten only by Tenerife. It's a huge market and the resorts are all competing to attract the largest share of those holidaymakers. This means good availability of all kinds of cheap family holidays in Majorca, making it even easier to find a deal to suit you and your family, at the right price for your budget, whether you are travelling in the peak summer season or just either side of it.

    Happy talk

    The size of the Majorca tourism market means there are other advantages too - with international visitors dominated by Brits, most of the resort staff will speak good English, and your family package holiday in Majorca might include a British travel rep to look after the kids' club anyway. Either way, you know that if your child needs something, they will be able to ask for it with a good chance of being understood. Like the rest of the Majorca holiday industry, it's all designed to make sure that your trip is as enjoyable as possible.

    Go all-inclusive

    If you want to step up to the next level, look for all-inclusive family holidays in Majorca, as these offer all of the other benefits, but with the extra advantage that your children can get snacks and drinks when they want at no additional cost. If they are going to be in the care of the resort staff for a few hours in the hottest part of the day, this way you know they can get refreshments just by asking - and the same applies to you and your partner if you're all-inclusive too.

    Why Majorca is so great for families

    The local people of Majorca adore kids and make a huge effort to ensure that younger visitors are looked after just as well as grown-ups. Family holidays in Majorca offer beautiful sandy beaches for lazy days by the sea, outstanding Spanish cuisine in vibrant restaurants and many family-friendly attractions. This, blended with Majorca's famously relaxed lifestyle, means that exhausted families can settle into a slower pace of life on their holiday and explore this glorious part of the Mediterranean.

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