Family holidays in Sorrento

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  • Sorrento Family holidays

    Book yourself and your kids on to a cheap family package holiday in Sorrento and you're right at the entrance to Italy's fabulous Amalfi Coast on the Sorrentine Peninsula. The town gives the peninsula its name, an indication of its importance within the wider 50 km stretch of the Amalfi Coast, and the whole area is hugely popular among tourists from all over the world, who come to experience its hospitality, its little local communities, and its stunning views out over the Bay of Naples. Explore on foot or hire a car to go further afield, and give your children a true taste of what Sorrento and its surroundings have to offer.

    Villas and villages

    One of the main areas of appeal on family holidays in Sorrento is simply the landscape and the local residents, and the hotels that serve the tourist trade are woven in amongst the large villas that line the coast, and the traditional Italian villages too. It's a perfect patchwork of Italian lifestyle and a warm welcome for international visitors, and at any time of year you're likely to find you're not alone in seeking Sorrento's warmth, both in terms of its weather and its hospitality.

    Say hello to Limoncello

    The kids will no doubt enjoy locally produced fresh lemonade, but for mum and dad the Sorrento lemons have something else to offer, and a glass of Limoncello is a great addition to family holidays to Sorrento. This lemony liqueur packs the full flavour of citrus - along with the delicious tartness of the local fruit - into a refreshing sipping shot. It's a grown-up equivalent to lemonade, and not just for night time, as you'll often see locals sipping a glass while the daytime sun beams down on them too.

    All about the climb

    If you're looking for a local attraction to add to your itinerary during cheap family holidays in Sorrento, then nearby Arienzo is worth a visit for the novelty of 300 Steps Beach. You arrive at the top of the cliffs and have to take a stairway down the rock face - of around 300 steps, as the name suggests. The public part of the beach is free to access though, with great sheltered bathing waters and pretty views, making it a photo opportunity the whole family will remember down the years.

    Why Sorrento is so great for families

    The residents of Sorrento have a great affection for children and are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that younger visitors are just as well catered for as adults. Delicious local cuisine, the stunning Amalfi Coast and a range of unique kids' attractions await discovery on family holidays in Sorrento. All of this, combined with a pleasant year-round climate and Sorrento's laid-back culture, ensures that tired families can forget their troubles and unwind in the sun for the duration of their visit.

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