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  • Sardinia Family holidays

    Sardinia is on a slightly smaller scale than some of the other Mediterranean islands, such as nearby Sicily for instance, but it still offers plenty of ways to enjoy yourself. Family holidays on Sardinia allow you and your children to experience the island in all its glory, often with the added bonus of entertainment back at your hotel or resort throughout the day, in the evenings, or both. Even if you choose to skip the activities on some days so you can get out and explore, it's still a best of both worlds solution when you need something to keep the kids amused.

    Home comforts

    Sardinia is the home of the sardine - it even gave its name to the fish, which is found in abundance in its coastal waters - so if you're a seafood fan, you really must try the locally caught sardines during your cheap family holiday on Sardinia. For a really authentic experience, have them cooked the Mediterranean way, with just a little olive oil and a splash of lemon juice, fresh from the sea and instantly refreshing as they go into your mouth. A simple delicacy, but one that has been shipped the world over for many years, and shows no sign of losing favour in the near future.

    Back on the track

    Sardinia's Little Green Train is almost certainly there primarily for tourists, as it doesn't really get anywhere very fast but offers lovely views of the island. It's a narrow gauge railway known as the Trenino Verde in the local language, and it's well worth taking the time to ride it during your family holiday on Sardinia. Expect its carriages to be quite full especially in the peak season, as the little train is a big hit with the tourists who flock to the island every year.

    Easy breezy

    Look out for the Mistral, a cooling breeze that can be very welcome during the hottest summer days on Sardinia. It arrives to the island from the north-west, bringing cooler air with it that can knock a few degrees off of the temperature. While you might welcome this during a cheap family package holiday in Sardinia's main summer season, unfortunately it's more likely to occur in the spring or winter, when you might be less happy to lose several degrees from the air temperature.

    Why Sardinia is so great for families

    Sardinians adore kids, which is why they are so willing to make a special effort to make sure that younger visitors are just as well looked after as their parents. Family holidays to Sardinia are all about sampling world-class cuisine and exploring the beautifully unspoilt coastline. This stunning island is also home to a number of family-orientated attractions, suitable for kids of all ages. This, combined with Sardinians' famously relaxed approach to life, ensures that frazzled families can leave their worries at home and return to the basics of sun, sand and sea.

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