Family holidays in Lake Garda

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  • Lake Garda Family holidays

    Cheap family holidays in Lake Garda offer different things at different times of year, and at the height of summer the lake itself is probably the main reason to head to the area. Later in the season, local food festivals take over as the star attraction, and give you and your children a great chance to experience the cuisine and some of the best ingredients from the local land. Either way, the beautiful scenery and high quality hotels make Lake Garda a much loved destination for many travellers each year, and you can be assured of a warm welcome.

    A different aspect of Italy

    Most people will have certain major landmarks in mind if you mention Italy to them - the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or the Coliseum perhaps - but family holidays in Lake Garda offer a very different view of the country. The lake is in the north, rather than on the boot-shaped peninsula, and it has a much more continental feeling as a result. It's also Italy's largest inland body of water, which again puts it on a larger scale, with towering mountains in the north.

    On the slopes

    The northern mountainous end of the lake is the perfect place for winter family holidays to Lake Garda. Here is where the snow falls, and that means you can enjoy winter sports such as skiing. It's a popular region but benefits from being a little quieter than some of the busiest resorts, and that can make it an excellent option if your children are still finding their confidence on skis. With several small ski villages up above the lake itself, look out for the perfect package to suit your family, whatever your level of experience on the slopes might be.

    A taste of luxury

    family holidays in Lake Garda can be as indulgent as you want them to be. All-inclusive holidays allow you to really let your hair down, as you can grab snacks and drinks at your leisure without facing any extra cost. Cheap package holidays are a budget-friendly option in a different sense, but the lower overall ticket price might leave you with more in reserve to pay for any spur of the moment indulgences while you are in the resort, as well as if you decide to travel along the shore to a neighbouring town or village.

    Why Lake Garda is so great for families

    The people of Lake Garda have a great deal of affection for younger visitors and strive to ensure that children are just as well looked after as their parents. Lake Garda family holidays are a fantastic opportunity to unwind, surrounded by some of Italy's most spectacular and distinctive scenery. The area offers winter sports such as skiing, as well as a range of family-focused attractions. Factor in Lake Garda locals' famously relaxed way of life and even the weariest of families are unlikely to have any difficulty relearning the art of relaxation.

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