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  • Italy Family holidays

    If you want to show your children some of the richest history and heritage not just in Europe, but in the world, then family holidays in Italy are the way to go. Its list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is longer than any other country, with 50 landmarks to visit and new ones added all the time. Even without looking at the list, there are iconic venues that any child or adult alike would be excited to visit, from the Coliseum of Rome to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

    Dashing through the snow

    The Italian Alps offer a different type of family package holiday in Italy, as you and your children can head up the mountainside together in order to come back down on skis or snowboard. Even if your kids are not old enough to take part in such sports, they're still likely to love a family holiday in the Italian Alps, with the dramatic landscape and snowy conditions, perfect for a snowball fight or building an igloo - just don't build it on the middle of a busy ski slope.

    Kicking the habit

    The famous 'boot' shape of the country adds a fun touch to family holidays in Italy, as you can joke with the children about being in the 'toe' or the 'heel' if you are staying in the south of the country. You might even want to take a crossing to Sicily which, positioned just off of the 'toe' of the mainland, is often jokingly said to be kicked by Italy. It's a great destination in its own right, and family holidays on Sicily are chosen by thousands of holidaymakers from the UK each year.

    No chore for the children

    If you decide to take the kids on a city break, a cheap family holiday in Italy has plenty to keep them entertained, with museums and galleries located throughout the country. The general atmosphere of the country is laid back yet lively, so there's little risk of anyone becoming bored while staying there. Even the tranquil areas like Tuscany are much loved by younger visitors, and with a national cuisine that has become a dominating feature of many family menus, the diet during your visit shouldn't faze the children either, with pasta and pizza in abundance, as well as deliciously fresh seafood.

    Why Italy is so great for families

    The Italians have a great amount of affection for children and go out of their way to make sure that young visitors are given the same enthusiastic welcome as their parents. Italy is home to beautifully unspoilt beaches, the world's largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a variety of fun, family-friendly attractions that guarantee everyone has a great time on a family holiday to Italy. Add Italian's famous hospitality and relaxed lifestyle and it never takes long for families to reacquaint themselves with the art of unwinding on an Italian family holiday.

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