Family holidays in Santorini

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  • Santorini Family holidays

    The kids will love family holidays in Santorini, thanks to its dramatic scenery. The steep cliffs that surround its bay are evidence of how the island was shaped in its ancient history - it is likely that it was once a complete island, but a volcanic eruption left a huge hollow caldera. This is where the sea water now comes into the bay, and the explosion also carved out the cliffs on either side. The deepest part of the bay is around 400 metres below the surface, creating a very unusual underwater landscape, and you might want to spend some time snorkelling and peering down into the depths.

    No more Minoans

    Cheap family holidays on Santorini are a good chance to teach your children some of the local legends associated with that volcanic eruption. Prior to the event, the Minoan civilisation was prosperous, but soon afterwards it all but died out, and the disaster is believed to have been the cause of this. It would have not only devastated the Minoans living on Santorini itself, but also sent a tidal wave out across the sea - and this may be the catastrophic flood associated with the legend of Atlantis.

    The longest day

    Excellent weather conditions mean family holidays to Santorini in the middle of summer offer the longest days of unbroken sunshine - more than 12 hours per day from May right through until August, with very low average rainfall. Take a summer holiday on the island and you and your kids can make the most of these conditions, along with average temperatures even warmer than you would normally find in the Mediterranean. It really is a fantastic place for a break of any length, with a warm and welcoming climate all year round.

    Santorini in style

    As an island whose economy depends largely on tourism, you can expect to be well looked after during family holidays to Santorini. From room only and self-catering accommodation, to full board and all-inclusive holidays, there are plenty of options to set your budget and give yourself and your kids the freedom you want during your stay. To be certain of what's included in your ticket price, read the full description of your package before you confirm your booking, and you can make sure you have everything you need once you get there.

    Why Santorini Island is so great for families

    The people of Santorini Island have a great fondness for children and always go out of their way to make sure that younger visitors are just as well looked after as grown-ups. Santorini family holidays are a great opportunity to swim, snorkel, sunbathe and explore a variety of family-focused attractions. All of this, coupled with Santorini locals' laid-back approach to life, guarantees that families will be able to unwind and enjoy this spectacular place, regardless of how worn out they feel when they arrive.

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