Family holidays in Malia

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  • Malia Family holidays

    With its friendly restaurants, clean beach and historical sites nearby, there's lots of reasons to take cheap family holidays in Malia. If you're not familiar with the resort, it's located on the north coast of the island of Crete, and looks out across the Sea of Crete towards the Greek mainland and neighbouring Turkey's western coast. It's further east than many of the usual Mediterranean destinations like the Balearics and Malta, but it puts you in amongst the Greek Islands, which are hugely popular among sun-seekers and offer their own identities and cultures.

    A day at the beach

    One of the more traditional activities during family holidays to Malia is just to go down to the beach and relax on the sand. The kids can dig and build sandcastles while mum and dad lie back and rest, while you can take turns to go for a splash in the waves too. Malia is a family-friendly resort and you'll be in plenty of good company among other holidaymakers too, and there are well established amenities all along the promenade if you need to pop back up to a shop or bar to get refreshments and stay hydrated.

    A trip to the Palace

    The unusually named Palace of Malia is one example of the Minoan civilisation that used to inhabit the island of Crete. Although there is little to see of the palace itself, you can see its excavated footprint, complete with uncovered steps and a large open courtyard. Of particular interest are the store rooms located along one side of this yard, which would once have been used to store liquids - and archaeologists have found carved channels and gutters in the floor, which would have allowed any spilt liquids to flow away and avoid flooding the rooms.

    Make the most of Malia

    Cheap family holidays in Malia offer excellent value for a break with your kids, but to make budgeting even easier you might want to look out for an all-inclusive package holiday. These can include the children too, but mean that your food and drinks are paid for upfront, rather than buying them as you go along during your vacation. It's a great way to put a limit on your budget, and ideally suited to a destination like Malia where you're likely to spend most of your time in the resort.

    Why Malia is so great for families

    Locals in Malia have a huge fondness for kids and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that younger visitors receive the same high level of hospitality as adults. Family holidays in Malia are all about relaxing on the pristine beach, marvelling at some of the Greek Islands' most impressive architecture and enjoying a variety of excellent attractions geared towards children. Throw Malia's friendly, laid-back attitude into the mix and you have a recipe for a fun, relaxing break, even for the most worn out of families.

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