Family holidays in Kefalonia

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  • Kefalonia Family holidays

    Greece's Ionian Islands could rival the Caribbean for their scenery, and cheap family holidays to Kefalonia put you on the biggest - and one of the most beautiful - in the group. There are 300 square miles to explore in this natural haven for wildlife, and plenty of geographic features that will take your breath away. A truly captivating location to spend a few days, or even for longer breaks, and one that will inspire your children's creative side for a long time after the flight home.

    The wonder of water

    More than most places, Kefalonia's beauty derives from its water. Of course there are the pristine beaches that attract holidaymakers to book cheap family holidays on Kefalonia, but there are a few other characteristics that add to its charm as well. Myrtos Beach has powerful tides that bring the bright white sand up from the sea bed, and as these reflective crystals tumble around in the churning surf, they add a vivid turquoise brilliance to the waves. The Melissani Cave captures this colour too, but you will only see it in its full glory when the sun is directly over the circular opening in the roof of the cave, sending a shaft of light down to the little trapped lake below.

    The wonder of wildlife

    Not all of the attractions of family holidays in Kefalonia are quite so inanimate, and if you're staying in the southern part of the island in particular, you may be able to spot some of the turtles that use the beaches for nesting. Loggerheads are one of the main species found here, along with several rare types for whom the island is an even more crucial habitat. The Mediterranean monk seal calls Kefalonia its home too, but you're unlikely to see one unless you make the extra effort to get to the remote parts of the island.

    A preview of Kefalonia

    It's always good if you can give the kids an idea of what to expect on cheap family holidays to Kefalonia, and actually there's one especially easy way to do that. It was used in the filming of the movie adaptation of Captain Corelli's Mandolin, so you might want to watch that together, or show certain of the more picturesque scenes to your children, before you travel.

    Why Kefalonia is so great for families

    The residents of Kefalonia adore children and always go out of their way to make sure they receive the same whole-hearted welcome as their parents. Pristine waters, enchanting caves, long, sandy beaches and a wealth of child-friendly attractions await discovery for visitors on family holidays in Kefalonia. Complementing the largest of the Ionian Islands' remarkable natural beauty is the distinctly laid-back, friendly manner of the locals, ensuring that worn out families find it easy to unwind and immerse themselves in nature.

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