Family holidays in Hurghada

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  • Hurghada Family holidays

    If you're planning a trip to the Red Sea, cheap family holidays in Hurghada should be high on your list. It's a great place to spend some time, and it's also perfectly positioned to explore along the coast and to try your hand at some aquatic activities too. For younger family members, it could be their first time snorkelling, or perhaps even scuba diving, a chance to practise skills they have already learned on previous trips, or just a sheltered space to splash around in the waves and enjoy natural warm waters.

    A shipwreck coast

    While the Red Sea might feel safe and sheltered for swimming in, it's still an expanse of open water, and as you keep a careful eye on your own water babies during family holidays in Hurghada, cast your mind below the surface of the waves to the many shipwrecks hiding in the depths. More experienced scuba divers can explore these at leisure, while if your children are a little too young for diving, you might be able to book a boat trip to take you out to the locations of certain wrecks, with the benefit of some local knowledge about the vessels involved.

    Along the Red Sea

    As mentioned above, this is a great spot from which to explore along the coastline for a more varied view of the Red Sea Coast, so for a more active family holiday in Hurghada, consider a day trekking along the beaches and cliffs and taking in the sights. If you do set out on a sunny day, don't forget your sun cream, especially for the kids. It's sensible to take a light sun hat too, to keep the glare out of your eyes and the heat off of your scalp. Loose-fitting clothing can add an extra layer of defence against sunburn, especially early in your stay.

    What types of family holidays in Hurghada can I choose from?

    All the usual types of trip are available, subject to being fully booked at peak times of year. If you prefer flexibility over your food, self-catered accommodation is worth looking out for, or room-only if you like to eat out. Full-board gives you your meals included in the price, or opt for all-inclusive if you want to be able to top up with drinks and snacks too at no extra cost.

    Why Hurghada is so great for families

    Family holidays to Hurghada offer you and yours the chance to stay in a range of resorts in one of the world's most popular holiday destinations. With plenty of family-focused accommodation, with clubs, waterparks and more to keep the kids busy, you'll be free to explore the other attractions on offer. Scuba dive and snorkel in one of the top learning locations or just splash around as a family in the ancient Red Sea. Palm trees, golden sand and warm waters provide all you need to relax on Hurghada family holidays.

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