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  • Egypt Family holidays

    A family holiday to Egypt promises excitement not just for the children, but for the parents too - the one Wonder of the Ancient World to survive largely intact is the Great Pyramid at Giza, on the very doorstep of Cairo, and if you've never visited it before, it's enough to put a thrill into the heart of even the most seasoned of travellers. For the kids, the prospect of being in the land of pharaohs and mummies could help to add a new dimension to the holiday, and the vibrant atmosphere of Egypt's cities should keep them fascinated for the duration of your trip.

    Urban Egypt

    Egypt's cities are a patchwork of ancient and modern construction, with towering temple pillars at every turn and plenty of architecture so historically important that it is floodlit at night. The cities are artefacts in their own right, but are by no means frozen in time, and modern buildings nestle right alongside those dating back centuries. It's a truly unique patchwork of heritage and culture, and a family holiday in Egypt's capital or any of the other major urban areas is enough to fill your schedule just with heading out on foot to see the sights.

    Egypt on the sand

    Of course, for many people a cheap family package holiday to Egypt is about spending some time on the coast, and resorts like Sharm el-Sheikh and the Red Sea Riviera are holiday hotspots for exactly this kind of break. With the brilliant blue of the water and the sand so bleached by the sun as to appear almost pure white in the bright daylight, it's not hard to see why so many people return year after year to these locations. The well-developed local tourism market also means great quality hotels that can accommodate children of all ages, making for some excellent vacations.

    Step inside a pyramid

    If your family holiday in Egypt is taking you anywhere near Luxor, consider a trip over to the Valley of the Kings. This is the location of many of the pharaohs' tombs, although they were no longer built in a pyramid shape by the time this area was being used. You can, however, visit several of the tombs at any one time, so make the most of this opportunity to see inside one of these ancient structures.

    Why Egypt is so great for families

    What child wouldn't want to explore the world of ancient Egypt, complete with pyramids, pharaohs and mummies? Egypt is the home of one of the world's great empires, with enough ruins and historical sites to really inspire young minds. Of course, as well as all that, there's a great choice of beaches, top family-friendly resorts, the enigmatic River Nile and lively Cairo. With so much to see and do for visitors of all ages, it's hard to imagine how you could trump Egypt family holidays.

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