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    Marbella is one of the most popular Spanish mainland destinations for tourists, and has a reputation as a party town. However, scratch beneath the surface and you will find a location brimming with history. This pretty village has existed since 1600BC, and happily mixes up Moorish architecture and traditional Andalusian touches with ultra-modern hotel complexes and family friendly beaches.

    Orange Square, or the Plaza de los Naranjos, is one of Marbella’s best kept secrets. Take a stroll through cobbled streets and narrow alleyways and you will suddenly walk into the heart of the Old Quarter. You will smell it in the spring and summertime, too, as the square is lined with orange trees. The square is packed with tapas bars, shops and bars, making it a great place for a coffee and a spot of people watching.

    Marbella has a few art galleries, like Museo Ralli, which houses a good collection of European and Latin American artists. Exhibits include a retrospective of sculptor Henry Moore, works by the genius Salvador Dali, and a collection of Argentinian Surrealist paintings.

    Marbella is a town full of parks and green spaces, as well legendary beaches. One of the best is the El Angel Gardens, which is one of the most spectacular botanical gardens on the Costa. If you want to stroll around a garden with a magnificent mountain backdrop then head to Nagueles Park, at the foot of the Sierra Blanca mountain.

    Top Landmarks

    Marbella’s top attraction has to be the Golden Mile, and holidays to Marbella are usually centred on or around this stretch of coastline. The Golden Mile is actually some five kilometres long and stretches from Marbella to Puerto Banus: home to some of the most luxurious hotels and houses on the Costa. Closer to the town you will find restaurants, sandy beaches and opulent hotels.

    Away from the beach and further inland you will find the Old Town, which includes some well preserved ancient city walls. Wander through Orange Square and you will see some of the town’s most important buildings, including the Chapel of Santiago, which pre-dates the square by over a hundred years.

    All inclusive Marbella holidays give you the chance to go exploring, and a few miles out of town you will find San Pedro de Alcantara, a thriving suburb of Marbella. Head for the old sugar mill, which has now been turned into a cultural centre charting the culture, history and unique character of this part of Spain.

    To the east of Marbella is the district of Las Chapas. Here you will find the ancient site of Rio Real, which dates back to the 7th century BC, and two watchtowers known as the Royal River Tower and the Tower of Thieves.

    The Romans left their mark on Marbella, too, and you can still see signs of their occupation at the well-preserved Roman Baths. They are believed to be the only remaining fragment of the settlement known as Cilniana, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 365AD.


    All inclusive holidays in Marbella guarantee glamour, sun, sandy beaches, and plenty of entertainment. Clubs and bars dot the front, and are open until late. Marbella is a glitzy location that attracts plenty of celebrities, so you may find that getting into some of the more desirable clubs require smart dress code. Away from the main strip you will find plenty of smaller bars that are less crowded and more relaxed.

    A lot of bars also offer live music nights, with everything from jazz and flamenco to tribute bands playing rock and roll classics. Flamenco is hugely important to this part of Spain, and the fiery, passionate dance is celebrated across the region.

    As with many Spanish towns and cities, Marbella loves a good festival. So depending on when you book package holidays to Marbella, you may encounter singing and dancing in the street. The biggest street party happens on the 11th June, when the city celebrates Saint Bernabe, its very own patron saint. The streets are lined with flamenco music, tapas and drinks, creating a real carnival atmosphere.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to Marbella

    All inclusive holidays in Marbella are all about the beach, and you have over 17 miles of sandy shores to choose from. The seafront is divided into 24 individual beaches; many of which are sandy with good quality bathing water. One of the best is Artola beach, which is protected from the Sierra Mountain breezes during the summer. Puerto Banús and San Pedro Alcántara are both Blue Flag beaches. The best beach for the family is Funny Beach, which has everything from trampolines and mini-motos, through to water skiing and jet skis. Like cheap all-inclusive holidays to Marbella? Check out our other amazing deals for Marbella holidays!

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