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    Ask British holidaymakers to name the Canary Islands, and they're likely to begin with Tenerife and Gran Canaria, but in fact Fuerteventura is the second-largest in the archipelago. It was the first of the Canaries to form, many millions of years ago when the volcanic activity now known as the Canary Hotspot began to send molten rock up from the ocean floor in this part of the Atlantic.

    The winds of Fuerteventura

    Fuerteventura owes plenty to its local air currents, and although one possible translation of its Spanish name is 'strong winds', on most days you're likely to feel just a warming breeze in most parts of the island. Around the coast though, the stronger gusts make for favourable conditions for wind-powered watersports, including both windsurfing and kite surfing, and you can enjoy these either as a participant or as a spectator from the beach. The breeze is beneficial to those beaches in their own right too, bringing heat over the 60 mile hop from mainland Morocco and the Sahara Desert beyond it, as well as carrying clean white sand over to deposit it along Fuerteventura's coastline - the origins of the pristine beaches many thousands of years ago.

    The British love affair with Fuerteventura

    It might not be the first of the Canaries to spring to many people's minds, but Fuerteventura has been a much-loved destination among British travellers for half a century now. Its nickname, the Island of Eternal Spring, along with the most common translation of its proper name as meaning 'Good Fortune', go together to give an idea of the pleasant and refreshing feeling that accompanies a visit to the island. It's warm all year round, but usually without the full Saharan heat - unless you happen to be there when the Calima arrives, and this hottest Saharan air current can raise temperatures by as much as 10°C above their normal level.

    Why choose cheap all-inclusive holidays to Fuerteventura?

    The Canaries as a whole are popular with families, while outside of the school holiday season, they make a great year-round destination for couples of all ages, and even for solo travellers. Whatever group you are travelling with on your all-inclusive holidays to Fuerteventura, this type of stay gives you all the option of just grabbing a drink from the hotel bar when you want one. This means nobody needs to hold the purse strings - and is especially good if you have children who are old enough to order their own food and drink, but don't want them running up a bill.

    Why should I choose an all-inclusive holiday to Fuerteventura?

    The big bonus of choosing an all-inclusive holiday to Fuerteventura is the opportunity it gives you to totally relax during your time away in the Canaries. Your all-inclusive holiday ensures that your accommodation, meals, drinks and entertainment are all taken care of. This means you can focus on making the most of every day of your island getaway. With your all-inclusive holiday you can spend the day basking on the beach, cool down with a refreshing drink, then sample the local food at dinner – all without having to worry about those extra costs adding up.

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