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  • Rhodes All inclusive holidays

    While your all-inclusive holiday on Rhodes might include food, drink and accommodation, the history of the island is 'all-inclusive' in the sense that it ranges from ancient times right through to the modern day. Of course that is true of many places, but in Rhodes there are particularly good examples, such as the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven Ancient Wonders of the World, built in 280 BC at a height of about 100 feet, and destroyed by earthquake in 226 BC. Flash forward to the present day and the island - the largest of the Dodecanese group - is the archipelago's administrative seat, helping to maintain its status throughout modern times too.

    Where is the Colossus?

    The Colossus of Rhodes was a true wonder, standing at 100 feet tall even during pre-biblical times. For half a century it watched over the island, but although we know about the statue from ancient texts, nobody knows exactly where it was. There are several suggestions though, which logically include elevated positions overlooking various different parts of Rhodes, and coastal locations where the statue might have been visible from the water too. While firm evidence might never be found, it's a question that will continue to be asked in the minds of archaeologists and holidaymakers alike for generations to come.

    Taking an all-inclusive holiday in Rhodes

    Cheap all-inclusive holidays to Rhodes help you to relax in comfort. First of all, there's the benefit of not having to worry about your budget, as all of the usual costs like eating and drinking are already taken care of. On top of that, there is the extra comfort that comes with being able to get a snack or a drink whenever you want. Finally, if you prefer your Rhodes holidays to be tourist-friendly, an all-inclusive break is a great way to guarantee that your destination will be particularly set up to handle with any common tourist requests.

    What does it include?

    All of the kinds of things mentioned above - your travel to Rhodes, your room in the hotel, your meals and any drinks you might want - are generally included as standard in an all-inclusive package holiday. You might be able to get alcoholic drinks at no extra cost, although these could be served only in single measures.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to Rhodes Island?

    Make the most of everyday on your all-inclusive holidays to Rhodes. With all your food and drink paid for, you can enjoy days on the beach, some water sports and even the odd historical visit, before returning to your resort to sample freshly made local produce. No cooking, no washing up, no extra expenses to pay for. Just a convenient and stress free way of making the very most of this stunning Greek island.

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