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    Despite its reputation as a party destination, Malia has plenty to offer in terms of relaxation too. It offers holidaymakers the chance to relax on the beach or explore the architecture that is nestled within the streets away from the shore. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy on an all-inclusive Malia holiday, before heading back to the hotel for lunch or your evening meal at no extra cost. If you do get hungry while you're out, there are endless bars and restaurants where you can grab a snack, and the tourist-friendly nature of the resort means these shouldn't bust your budget even if they're not included in your original ticket price.

    Looking back in Malia

    Take a stroll to the east of Malia and you'll find Minoan ruins just outside the town. A perfect distraction for a day, or for longer if you're an archaeology enthusiast, holidaymakers are within very easy reach to head back to base where all-inclusive food and drink can be enjoyed. Look out for the Palace of Malia, not a nightclub but an excavated ancient courtyard surrounded by storage rooms and remnants of steps. Despite its age, there are signs of ingenious engineering on the site, such as the system of drainage channels that would allow spilt liquids to flow out of the storage rooms and safely away.

    Malia through the ages

    The popularity of Malia as a holiday destination has undoubtedly transformed this stretch of the northern coast of Crete, and the ancient ruins now sit alongside a truly modern holiday hotspot. The Main strip runs up from the coast, with the beach at its bottom end, and at the right time of day you'll see plenty of tired vacationers taking a slow walk down to the sand to rest and recuperate. You're never far from a fellow Brit or a friendly local, which adds to the village atmosphere so many people find so welcoming.

    Why are all inclusive holidays to Malia so good?

    This is a resort with a very varied personality, whether you visit for the nightlife, to relax on the beach, or to explore the hidden archaeological treasures. In any case, all-inclusive holidays in Malia offer you a stress-free solution, including all of your essential food and drink, and often some forms of entertainment that take place within your hotel complex too.

    Why choose a cheap all-inclusive holiday to Malia?

    As one of the party capitals of Europe, all-inclusive holidays in Malia mean there is one less thing to worry about. All your food and drink needs are included as part of the package, so you can go out and have a good time and not worry about having to cook or wash up. Even if you’re looking for more of a relaxing beach break than big nights out, having your meals paid for up front is the ideal solution to allow you to relax stress-free.

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