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    The largest of the Greek Islands has a dramatic history, testament to its key location in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the fifth-largest island in the sea, with evidence of occupation by even quite advanced civilisations reaching back many thousands of years, and back as far as the early days of the Minoan culture in 2,700 BC. While this community survived for centuries, its rapid decline is literally the stuff of legends, and adds a sense of times long past to any Crete holiday in the modern day.

    The cradle of Atlantis?

    Thanks to its early occupation by the Minoans, Crete is often thought of as the birthplace of true civilisation in the region, and they are believed to have been quite advanced as a community. And yet the Minoans vanished almost overnight, at least in historical terms. One explanation given for this is the eruption on the nearby island of Thera, which would have triggered a tsunami that all but wiped out the population on Crete. Over the years, any survivors would have retold the story, and eventually the legend of an advanced island community 'sinking' beneath rapidly rising waters may have evolved into the present-day myth of Atlantis.

    Evidence of Atlantis

    Scholars are divided over the true origins of the Atlantis myth, but there is no doubt that there was a sizeable Minoan community on Crete, and evidence of this has been found through successive archaeological digs over the decades. While on your holidays to Crete, a visit to Heraklion gives you the chance to see many of these artefacts for yourself, with an exhibition of Minoan-era discoveries made even more accessible thanks to its explanations of where they were found on the island, along with more general information about the Minoans, how they lived, and how they still influence the local culture today.

    All-inclusive cheap holidays to Crete - what to expect?

    When you go on all-inclusive Crete holidays, you can expect to be well catered for. The hotels typically recognise the varying demands of the tourist trade, so whether you want a taste of home or something that uses local ingredients, there should be something suitable on the menu. Look out for the usual Mediterranean dishes on your holidays in Crete, probably with more fish than red meat on the menu, and with plenty of fruits and vegetables, cereals, and all flavoured using an abundance of herbs that are grown across the island.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to Crete?

    Choosing an all-inclusive holiday to Crete allows you to get your trip off to the best possible start. With all your budgeting complete you give yourself the opportunity to completely relax from the minute you arrive. With your accommodation, meals and drinks covered you don't have to worry about costs adding up. Instead you can immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Crete, sample fresh local produce in tiny villages and discover pristine beaches on which you can while away your days. Your only worry will be how you are going to fit it all in.

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