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  • Taba All inclusive holidays

    Egypt's Red Sea Coast Riviera has been a luxury destination for all-inclusive holidays for years, and Taba sits at its northern end surrounded by some of the most pleasant waters to swim in anywhere in the world. Warm in the water and sunny on land, with well-respected natural surroundings and scenery too, it's an idyllic holiday spot, and travelling all-inclusive on package holidays in Taba means you can feel confident about your overall budget for the break too.

    Taba - an all-inclusive taste of Asia

    You might think Egypt is in Africa, but the Sinai Peninsula, where Taba is located, is officially part of Asia. Tourists from Israel are among the main visitors to the resort, and are allowed in for up to a fortnight at a time without a visa - part of the arrangement that has kept Taba peaceful since 1989, and historically until that time Israel had fought for possession of the resort outright. It's not only the ownership that is now protected, as much of the coastline is also covered by strict rules on development, so that the natural landscape and aquatic life are not damaged by the resort's popularity with overseas visitors.

    Why go all inclusive to Taba?

    The Red Sea Coast Riviera is known for its individual resorts dotted all the way along the coast, and generally speaking there is little need to travel outside of these. The vast majority of holidaymakers spend their trip within their own resort, and this naturally lends itself to an all-inclusive package holiday market. Book an all-inclusive trip to Taba Heights and you're taking the sensible option, giving you flights to the area, accommodation in the resort, but also the peace of mind of knowing you not only have food and drink, but usually on demand whenever you want it, even outside of normal mealtimes.

    Are there any other included extras?

    Typically, it depends on the hotel you stay at and the exact terms of your package holiday. The four main basics of travel, accommodation, food and beverages should be included as standard, although there may be certain limits on alcohol or the times of day when you can expect a full meal. Look out for any included extras, for example, sometimes water sports are offered by the hotel as part of your overall ticket price.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to Taba?

    When you’ve spent the day on the beach, swimming and snorkelling, or simply working on your tan, you don’t always want to have to cook or go out for dinner. So why not make the most of all-inclusive holidays in Taba and you can eat conveniently in your hotel every night of your stay? Relax, do what you want to do and know that all of your meals and drinks are paid for throughout your holiday.

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