Do you look for a little extra aesthetic when you’re deciding where to stay? If you’re planning a culture-centric trip then give yourself every opportunity to take in beautiful works or expose yourself to thought-provoking art with a hotel that doubles as a gallery. For arty picks from Brighton to Bilbao, we caught up with five travel bloggers who have stayed in hotels just right for art-lovers.

Our panel:


Hotel BLOOM, Brussels

Chosen by: Char from Taylor Hearts Travel

“Each room at Hotel BLOOM in Brussels is lovingly adorned with original artwork. From abstract shapes and impish fantasies to floral features and minimalist tones, this hotel has a style for every art-loving traveller. A stay won’t break the bank either, so you’ll have cash left to perhaps splash on your very own piece of art.”

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Artist Residence, Brighton

Chosen by: Bintu from Recipes from a Pantry

“The Artist Residence hotel is in a traditional Brighton townhouse, looking out at the West Pier. Rustic interiors with modern art, a clever use of space and an acclaimed restaurant (and cocktail bars) means that you’ll be comfortable and well-looked-after when you’re not out and about in the town. The hotel oozes the Brighton vibe; like Brighton it is a mixture of old and new, town and country, land and sea. And like Brighton, it’s the place to be seen in.”

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Dar Layyina, Marrakech

Chosen by: Roxanne from Luxe In A City

“Art reflects an artist’s relationship with their culture in one way or another. And when the owner of a boutique hotel shares their passion for their culture by adorning the walls of their hotel with local artwork, it makes the place especially authentic – particularly in a city like Marrakech. At Dar Layyina, the carefully curated Moroccan artwork turns this privately owned riad not only into a luxury hotel, but into a place you could easily call home. I felt privileged to get to know the community’s history and culture through the private art collection – and I’m sure you’ll feel the same.”

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Hotel Miró, Bilbao

Chosen by: Drew Smith from Drive on the Left

Hotel Miró in Bilbao, Spain is the perfect place for any art-lover. The hotel, with its clean and modern aesthetics, has its own collection of over 40 contemporary photography works throughout the property. Plus, it is just a short walk away from the famous Guggenheim museum.”

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Courtyard by Marriott Cologne, Germany 

Chosen by: Sven and Anja from Never Seen Before

“The Courtyard by Marriott Cologne is a modern city hotel built on the former premises of German soft drinks brand Afri-Cola. The building’s heritage is evident from the design of the hotel. The columns in the foyer resemble the shape of the coke bottles and Afri-Cola-related artwork can be found all over the place.”

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