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5 Amazing Pokemon Hotspots Not To Be Missed

Gotta catch ‘em all!

Pokémon Go is taking over the world, combining the relentless hunt for Pokémon with the chance to explore the great, wide world.

PokéStops (which give players all kinds of useful items and power ups) are found at culturally notable places such as sculptures and landmarks.

When you grab goodies and capture Pokémon in notable areas, information on your your surroundings will pop up on the screen.

Seeing local areas with fresh eyes, players all over the world can become Pokémon masters and travel experts at the same time!

1. Sydney Opera House, Australia


An organised walk around Sydney to hunt down the little critters recently attracted 5,000 Pokémon trainers.

The walk centered around Sydney Opera House which is rich with statues, monuments and sightseeing spots. And what does that mean? Plenty of Poké Stops.

Top spots on the tour are Circular Key, the Rocks, Barangaroo, Darling Habour and Darling Quarter.

2. Manhattan Bridge, New York


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From Manhattan Bridge you can get a great view of the famous New York City skyline whilst nabbing some Pokémon.

Times Square is crammed full of Poké Spots and there’s also a gym. Trainers have reported snagging Pokémon such as Pontya, Geodude and Jigglypuff.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great place to swap tips with fellow trainers in a place with a lot of Pokémon-rich monuments.

You can apparently even catch the pocket monsters on the J-Train crossing Williamsburg Bridge. Handy for when your legs get tired.

Those with a head for heights should head to the top of The Empire State Building, where there have been multiple Pikachu sightings.

3. Disneyland Paris, France


A photo posted by 🐢 Camille 🐞 (@camyrtille) on


With the amount of people, landmarks and sights, it’s little wonder that theme parks have become hotspots for Pokémon Trainers. Disneyland Paris is certainly no exception.

Word on the boulevard is that the Disney castle is the location for a high-level PokéGym, where you can train up your captive Pokémon for battles.

4. Westminster, London

Regent’s Canal, London
Brian O'Sullivan

Walk towards the Houses of Parliament and you will be rewarded with water-loving Pokemon such as Squirtle, Psyduck or Wartortle.

With Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey and Soho in such close proximity, you’ll be tripping over Pokémon. We’ve heard that if you hang around Nelson's Column, you might even find a final-stage evolution Poliwrath among the pigeons.

Sometimes, it's worth braving the rain.

5. Santa Monica Pier, California

Santa Monica Pier at Night
Santa Monica Pier at Night / Getty Images

A popular Californian spot to pick up Pokémon, Santa Monica Pier recently attracted a stampede of hundreds of trainers when word got out that a valuable blue Wartortle had popped up.

The Santa Monica Pier also boasts a Level 7 gym, with tons of health bonuses available.

The much sought-after Dragonite (with 900 Combat Points) has been reported lurking around a parking lot close to the amusement park. Just keep your eyes on the road as well as your phone.

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